A random factual statistic to close out February

This is still true after last night’s Premier League action…

In the year 2023, Real Madrid have scored more goals in England than Chelsea.

Real’s only game in England is the 5-2 win at Anfield against Liverpool last Tuesday:

As of yesterday’s defeat at Spurs, this is Chelsea’s record in England in 2023:

January 1: 1-1 vs Nottingham Forest at the City Ground (EPL)

January 5: 0-1 vs Manchester City at Stamford Bridge (EPL)

January 8: 0-4 vs Manchester City at the Etihad (FA Cup)

January 12: 1-2 vs Fulham at Craven Cottage (EPL)

January 15: 1-0 vs Crystal Palace at Stamford Bridge (EPL)

January 21: 0-0 vs Liverpool at Anfield (EPL)

February 3: 0-0 vs Fulham at Stamford Bridge (EPL)

February 11: 1-1 vs West Ham United at London Stadium (EPL)

February 11: 0-1 vs Southampton at Stamford Bridge (EPL)

February 27: 0-2 vs Tottenham Hotspur at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium (EPL)

Final tallies:

Real Madrid = 5 goals from 1 game

Chelsea = 4 goals in 10 games.

This man was sacked by Chelsea a year after winning the Double with them… in fairness, Real Madrid sacked him the year after winning the Champions League.

Funny story, this fact would still apply if you backdated it even further to November 3 of 2022.

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