Today would’ve been George Harrison’s 80th birthday

The youngest Beatle of the Fab Four, February 25, 1943 was Harrison’s birth date, and unfortunately the durries got the better of George a good 21 years ago, so to honour the 80th anniversary of George’s birth, here’s one of my favourite Harri-songs from All Things Must Pass, his first album after the break-up of The Beatles, the cover of Bob Dylan’s If Not for You.

Dylan’s lyrics were actually about his first wife Sara:

“If not for you, my sky would fall, Rain would gather too, If not for you, I’d be nowhere at all, I’d be lost, if not for you.”

Probably one of the best songs from All Things Must Pass, an album that had My Sweet Lord, What Is Life, Isn’t It A Pity and the title track All Things Must Pass among Harrison’s greatest hits, and in fact, the late Olivia Newton John also recorded a version of the song in 1971, after hearing Harrison’s version, defying her manager’s beliefs, and as a result ONJ’s version went to No.7 in the UK and No.25 in the US:

Hare Krishna, George.

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