Sunday afternoon on Sydney Harbour

Looking out towards Luna Park and Blues Point Tower with the ferry front and centre

People being enamoured by Jorn Utzon’s eggshell breakfast… this October of course marking 50 years since it was finally opened, a mere 10 years after it’s original scheduled opening and 1,357% over budget, making it one of the most successful projects in modern Australian history.

Right around the time I took this photo, the West Coast Eagles kicked their last goal of the afternoon against Hawthorn.

I managed to walk up to the Botanical Gardens, through the CBD to Darling Harbour, then caught a train back to Lindfield, and the buggers did nothing.

Looking at Garden Island, where Tom Cruise sleeps when he comes to Sydney in an F-14

And one last panoramic from the Overseas Passenger Terminal, featuring a ship that Captain Jack Sparrow probably stole.

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