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The Chalk Eaters Guide Review: 16th November

An artist’s impression of Stephen Baster on Gold Fields

Once again Facebook didn’t accept my Chalk Eaters ad, as it appears Tabcorp have cottoned on to my incessant mockery of certain form analysts (Apparently it’s something to do with talking about events).

But enough about that, time for me to talk about a feelgood moment- Stevie Baster booting home Gold Fields in his last ride.

And he only copped a $1000 fine for abusing the crap out of his whip.

Rule The World in the Spring Stakes at Newcastle- 5th

One of the more spectacular sights in Australian racing… A Waterhouse 3YO having its bubble first.

Asiago ended up just sitting outside Rule The World in the run, simply eyeballed him in the straight, and then beat him with a lead pipe, as Rule The World was revealed to be the emperor with no clothes.

Of course, Godolphin also took out The Hunter thanks to Savatiano, who led all the way and gave everyone a thorough licking.

Think about that- Savatiano led, and Asiago sat 2nd.

Don’t see that too often from Royal Blue runners.

Heart Of Puissance in the Sandown Guineas- 3rd

I told you all HOP was greener than Yoda, Kermit and Shrek put together, and this race backed up that statement in spades.

But I have to ask a question about Zahra’s performance… Why in shit’s name would you lead on a horse that’s come from off the speed to win his only 2 starts?

Looking at the finish, not having any idea what he was doing in front probably cost him the win.

Still though, he was downright eye catching.

After not knowing what he was doing in the lead, he was tackled and passed at the 300 by Pretty Brazen and Banquo, looked for all money like he was going to drop out when Banquo put a length on him and Heart Conquered loomed up and went past as well, but then from nowhere, he got a second wind at the 200, gave a huge kick, actually passed Banquo again, and only just missed Heart Conquered for 2nd, as the favourite Pretty Brazen stuck on for a gritty win.

The Top 5 were covered by barely a length.

On the bright side, Heart Of Puissance does have a huge amount of upside to suck me in during the New Year.

Set Sail in the Eclipse Stakes at Sandown- 2ND

So Godolphin won 4 features today.

This wasn’t one of them.

Pretty disappointing on face value- He was looking pretty damn good on the turn, but the moment Pacodali quickened after having the drop on the leader, he just dropped Set Sail like a Northbridge victim.

That said, Set Sail did pretty comfortably beat everything else.

Typical bloody Lindsey Smith, he’s that shifty that the left side of his brain wouldn’t know what the right was doing.

Tuscan Queen in the Champion Fillies at Ascot- WINNER


My Perth drought has come to an end!

Deadset textbook work from Pike- 3 wide with cover settling off a hot speed, goes straight to the outside on the turn, and with an unimpeded run for home, builds enough momentum to steam home to a very easy win.

Compare that to Stevie Parnham on Kay Cee, who got shuffled back to dead last on the turn, took a while to focus in the straight, and eventually flashed home for 3rd, a day and an age behind Tuscan Queen.

Well done Willie, 4 winners today, you’ve earned yourself a reprieve.

Crazy Craig’s Tip Of The Day

LAYING Sound in the Sandown Cup- LAY SUCCESSFUL

Well, it was pretty simple stuff for Crazy Craig, as Azuro actually assumed favouritism from Sound, who drifted like a feather in a stiff breeze, and the French expat took on the German expat in a gripping fight for the lead down the straight, and eventually, Azuro stayed out the 2 miles, as Sound was grabbed late and fell to 5th.

Having a look at that field in hindsight, they should rename the Sandown Cup the ‘So You Bought A Second-Rate European Stayer’ Cup.

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