Horse Racing

The Chalk Eaters Guide Review: 30th November

Another classic day of nags running 3rd when I need them to run at least 2nd, and then they run 4th when I need them to run at least 3rd.

It’s not some joke I make for shits and giggles, it’s reality.

Rubisaki in Race 6 at Moonee Valley- WINNER

What the hell? I was actually right?

Downright superb stuff from McNeil in the saddle, to pinch ground and create runs for himself (Which did earn him a suspension), and if you look at the margins, ‘Ruby’ put bullet holes in Somals the second she got clear running, and the official margin was some 2.5L in an old-fashioned arse kicking.

Very good riding, and I tell you what, I think someone lit a rocket under Jye’s arse, because he ended up riding 3 out of the last 4 winners.

And hilariously, Rubisaki drifted to $4 and Somals was crunched into $2.30, so that said, if you all wouldn’t mind, please form an orderly queue to kiss my arse.

Bobbing in Race 7 at Rosehill- 6th

If that ride on Bobbing was an autoimmune disease, it would be the Human immunodeficiency virus.

Jesus, just awful to watch from start to bloody finish, starting from when he got dragged back to last, got hemmed in by the rank outsider in Mr Garcia, was still last at the 300, and by the time he got to the outside for clear room, the horse had well and truly bolted….. while Bobbing absolutely rocketed home for what must have been the fastest final 200 of the race to run 6th.

Anyway, Ranier somehow got the nod over live and free, having had a much better run in transit.

Forceful in Race 5 at Ascot- 3rd

Another race where I take the Run 2nd Money back option…. and run 3rd.

It’s not a joke, it’s real, it is damn real.

Quite simply put, Forceful isn’t a stayer’s backside.

Trekking in the Winterbottom Stakes- 4th

It was over for Trekking the second he once again jumped like a sloth, got way too far back in the run, but that said, it was also over for everyone else the moment Hey Doc was allowed to sit up the front unabated and put the entire field at the whim of his left hoof.

And then to top off my latest failure, he couldn’t even run down Rock Magic, who is that old, he was probably ridden on debut by Mel Schumacher or Tiger Moore.

Nah, I’m just pulling your leg, it couldn’t have been Mel, but bloody hell, he’d be going better than Kerrin McEvoy right now…. talk about falling off a cliff.

Crazy Craig’s Tip Of The Day

LAYING Wagner in Race 4 at Moonee Valley- FAIL

‘They’, and by ‘They’, I mean Crazy Craig’s zealots, came for Mystyko in the market, and they got smacked into next week, as Wagner sat off the speed, and rode with the Valkyries in the straight to give the field an absolute 1st Up dry rooting.

Incredible scenes, and that might be the first time Crazy Craig’s failed with a Lay since August, creating the rare situation where I’ve ended up with more successful tips than he has.

Cop that you mad sack!

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