Tuesday Tithbits: 7th January

Warnie entering the Bushfire Appeal like an absolute giant

Ah, the first Tuesday post of the New Decade.

We’ve recently passed 20,000 views and 400 posts

It appears I still have too much time on my hands.

Shane Warne’s Potential Baggy Green Auction Record

Back in 2003, the original auction for Don Bradman’s Baggy Green (It was auctioned off a second time) went for AUD $425,000 (Roughly $609,000 today), which would be an unofficial record for any baggy green at auction, by a fairly comfortable margin.

The current figure for Warney’s fundraiser sits at a lazy $316,000.

To be honest, I think Warnie would fetch more money than 316 gorillas if he put his floppy hat up for auction.

Although, many blondes will attest that they didn’t need to pay thousands of dollars to get their hands on Warnie’s floppy.

On a similar note – Dayne Beams is auctioning off his 2010 Premiership Medal

One of the rarest pieces of metal in the known universe – A Collingwood premiership medal.

There are about 50 people still alive who know what it feels like to hold one of those…. 6 of them are Murray Weideman.

ATP Cup Thoughts So Far


The quality of matches and passion the players (Even from the lesser countries like Georgia and Uruguay) have for it has been a big tick, made easier by the fact that they had an eight figure carrot on a stick as an incentive.

The Serbia-France tie last night (Which had an atmosphere akin to a miniature Davis Cup tie), Alex de Minaur’s comebacks, the Great Britain-Bulgaria tie that wasn’t decided 2am Sunday morning, and on the subject of Bulgaria, World No.417 Dimitar Kuzmanov (Bulgarian No.2) managed to win 2 of his 3 singles rubbers in Sydney.

And Nick Kyrgios randomly popping up in the crowd on his night off.

The one downside – There’s inevitably been a crapload of one-sided ties…. As evidenced by quite a few I’ve seen so far in Perth.

Heck, I’m still not sure if Uruguay were actually meant to be there, or were just hitting partners for the Spanish team.

The other knock-on effect from all the focus on the ATP Cup…. We’ve virtually completely forgotten that the WTA tour kicked off on Monday – Heck, they even got punted to the outside courts to begin the Brisbane International.

Although I suspect we’ll care again when The Barty Party steps on court on Thursday.

Sam Kerr’s Women’s Super League debut

It was fairly mild.

In Stoke, that’s considered a traditional welcome.

The Australian NFL Update: Wild Card Weekend

Michael Dickson’s Seahawks 17 defeated Cam Johnston’s Eagles 9 @ The Linc

The epic clash between our two native punters was surely the first playoff meeting featuring 2 Australian punters since the previously mentioned 2008 NFC Championship game, between the Arizona Cardinals & Ben Graham, and coincidentally the Philadelphia Eagles & Sav Rocca.

Like that fateful day in the desert, the Eagles lost.

Philly’s chances were essentially done when Carson Wentz was knocked out of the game on what appeared to be a dirty late hit from Jadaveon Clowney into the back of his head as he was being taken to ground.

Despite being forced to slot a 40-year-old Josh McCown in at Quarterback, the Eagles kept pace with the Seahawks thanks to their defence and special teams (Who blocked a field goal in the 1st Quarter), but eventually, the elusive hobbit Russell Wilson got going just before the half, and Marshawn Lynch made an impact by slamming home the touchdown to put the Seahawks up 10-3 just before the half.

After the Eagles kicked a field goal to cut it to 10-6, Wilson and Metcalf extended the lead beyond a touchdown with an impressive 53 yard catch and run, in which Metcalf fell down, sprang back up before he was down by contact, and dived over the goal line.

The Eagles responded with a field goal, but that turned out to be the last of the scoring – There was still 2:49 left in the 3rd.

The defences come to the fore – The Seahawks sent Dixon out on their next 2 drives, and the Eagles ended up turning the ball over on downs – Eventually, the Seahawks got the ball back deep in their own territory with 1:56 to go, and on a 3rd & 10, Wilson found Metcalf again to ice the win, and he waved goodbye to the Eagles fans.

It capped off a horror day for the Eagles… Not only were they knocked out of the playoffs, Jason Garrett was released as coach of the Cowboys.

So the Seahawks move on, and they’ll play the Packers on THE FROZEN TUNDRA OF LAMBEAU FIELD, while Mitch Wishnowsky’s 49ers host the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday morning, after the Vikings won in New Orleans in sudden death overtime.

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