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The Chalk Eaters Guide Review: 15th February

The Waterford TAB’s Lawrence booting one home

I think the Lightning Stakes goes to show why Nature Strip will never make an appearance in the Chalk Eaters.

He’s either a rocket headed for Mars, or he’s a Nature Strip copping the full brunt of a lawn mower.

It really is a testament to the drainage at Flemington that it can cop a nice old overnight downpour, then cop showers during the day, and still make it to halfway through the card before it was finally downgraded to a Soft 5.

Anyway, I apologise for not posting this earlier – I was magically whisked away to my first Perth Wildcats game for the first time since the days of Ricky ‘Amazing’ Grace.

Dark Alley in Race 4 at Morphetville – WINNER

Piece of piss

So in all, Dark Alley was thumped from $5 at opening, to jumping at $1.75, making him quite easily the best backed horse in Adelaide, and there’s a good chance he was one of the best backed across the continent today.

I did notice Brett Davis in his call describe Dark Alley as the good thing of the day – Interesting, in that Brett didn’t put him on top.

Then again, we all make mistakes – This entire blog is proof.

Regardless, a very easy win for Dark Alley – Absolutely cruising at the 800, and as soon as he loomed up at the 500m mark, I think the Jaws theme was playing in the heads of the other riders.

Good job, Master Bates.

Alligator Blood in the CS Hayes at Flemington – WINNER

I told you that on paper, this was going to be the 3YO shitfight of the season.

In reality, not only was it the best 3YO shitfight of 2019/20 – It was right up there for recent 2 horse wars we’ve seen in Australia.

It was that bloody good, I got the sweats from watching it.

1400m, together all the way, and the Gator just didn’t give Catalyst a damn inch, in a performance that managed to boost the credibility of both the front runners.

That was the Gator’s first time on a Soft track, and it turns out, science is correct – Alligators are good in water.

I think in the long run for the Australian Guineas, Catalyst is a good chance of turning the tables over the mile, that said, watch out for Chenier – He ran 3rd, 1st Up after 10 months off, and he could seriously be anything.

Other than that, all I can say is, watch the bloody replay again and again and again.

Libertini in the Light Fingers at Randwick – 4th

What a strange race – Libertini backed into $1.75, and yet, she never looked a serious chance of winning, as if she was the biggest fraud since Bernie Madoff.

No excuses to be found, apparently – She quite simply didn’t have the turn of foot that the fleet of Godolphin nags had.

Turns out, it wasn’t the only Group 2 that the Jameses Bowman and Cummings would claim on the Randwick card.

Special Choice in Race 8 at Ascot – 2nd

Before we begin, I’d best acknowledge that I completely forgot to realise that this was actually the SECOND LAST of the day at Ascot.

No wonder The Wizard couldn’t equip his magic wand and boot Special Choice home.

Turns out, it wasn’t Special Choice who was the star of the short-priced Peters favourites to emerge from Ascot – It was Superstorm, who appears destined to make a magical dash to the Australasian Guineas after a brutal win in the Challenge Stakes.

Funnily enough, it was the 2nd time today Pikey had been beaten out by Chloe ‘Sister of Smokin’ Joe’ Azzopardi – The other was Flower Of War beating Valour Road in the Cyril Flower.

Crazy Craig’s Tip of The Day

LAYING Alizee in The Apollo Stakes at Randwick – PRICE IS RIGHT LOSER’S HORN

Crazy Craig was one of thousands of knockers of Alizee, but she stuck the middle finger to the Bairnsdale Bastard and said “I’m back, baby!” with a stirring victory, which, for all I know, could mean absolutely nothing long term.

But, in the short term, Crazy Craig has been denied, denied the fact that one of his fancies in Dreamforce started favourite, took the lead in the straight, but couldn’t get the job done.

On that note, here is the Price Is Right’s loser horn.

An iconic piece of audio from Game Show history.

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