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The Chalk Eaters Guide Review: 25th April

Andrew Bensley smiling after his last day at Sky Racing

Well, it was ANZAC Day, but in my fantasy world, it was another one of ‘those days’.

I could very easily have tipped 3 winners if I actually took a bit longer than 5 minutes to stare at a form guide, but at the end of the day, I was fortunate to even scavenge a lone winner – Amangiri, at the mighty odds of $4.80.

“Flanders? You’re the devil?”

Also, if The Inevitable had another 20m left in Race 8 at Flemington, my opening paragraphs could’ve quite simply stated that myself and Crazy Craig should’ve swapped our Flemington tips, because holy moly, Vow And Declare looked like the sort of horse who only won a Melbourne Cup because of a light weight and a farcically slow speed.

So at the end of the day, with absolutely no evidence, I’m covering my arse and declaring that I broke even.

Vow And Declare in Race 4 at Flemington – 5th

Defending Melbourne Cup Winner?

Based on the available evidence, he looked more like the defending Hanging Rock Cup winner!

Vow And Declare – Well on the way to becoming Prince Of Penzance 2.0.

Baccarat Baby in Race 7 at the Sunshine Coast – 2nd

No regrets for this one – Baccarat Baby was given every hope by Micky Hellyer sitting in the one out one back, she gave 110% in the straight…

BUT, she was ghosted at every moment by the ghostly grey Silvera, and with the gun run, the gelding just nudged out ‘my’ mare in a driving finish, destroying her vaunted unbeaten record at Corbould Park.

April 25th is a day for earth-shattering moments in history, and this is another one for the history books.

Amangiri in the Hawkesbury Gold Cup at Randwick – WINNER

Talk about irony – My shortest priced p(r)ick fails, and my longest priced pick wins.

Oddly enough, it also had the least weight, which might be telling me something.

I have to say it straight out, it was a very good win – Archademus had the lead with Amangiri slotting in behind, which enabled the leader to chop off the rails run that Berry was aiming for, forcing him to angle off heels, which cost them nothing because the gap immediately opened up, the mare picked up, and in a driving finish, she got the head in front of Live And Free through hard riding and sheer will.

A well-earned win for the Hawkes clan, and somehow, it’s another Saturday in 2020 with at least 1 winner in the Chalk Eaters.

I’m not kidding – Every single Saturday this year the Chalk Eaters has scrounged a winner – Now that I’ve said that, the jinx is on, so expect no winners next week.

Dig Deep in Race 9 at Ascot – LAST

If the Far Eastern fourth estate are on the money, then Kim Jong-un, or one of his body doubles, is currently showing more signs of life than Dig Deep in the last.

Drifted big time (Which was a sign of things to come).

Jumped like a busted arse.

3 deep from Barrier 3.

Under hard riding 500m into an 1100m race.

Doesn’t fire a shot and basically gives up with a furlong to go.

That’s grounds for a retirement.

Crazy Craig’s Tip Of The Day

LAYING The Inevitable in Race 7 at Flemington – SUCCESS/CORRECT/YES

Despite looking like he was under hard riding for 900m, The Inevitable was no fewer than 20m away from making Crazy Craig eat his own arse for dinner, coming home with a run that did nothing to dent your confidence in the gelding as he aims for the Adelaide carnival.

Still, the race was 1000m, which meant Prezado held on by his tail hairs, so well done Craig, you stuck your neck out yesterday (An image you can conjure in your mind), the punters for some reason agreed with you, and you were all correct.

The Boy From Bairnsdale strikes again to end the month.

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