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The Chalk Eaters Guide Review: 13th June

Pictured: The dead heat between Shot Of Irish and Plein Ciel in Race 7 at Moonee Valley

Another cracking story from Eagle Farm: Someone went behind the stand and produced something that resembled Hawthorn.

My tip for Race 7 at Rosehill ran 7th.

My tip for Race 8 at the Valley ran 8th.

Disappointingly, but thankfully, my tip for Race 9 at Belmont didn’t run 9th.

Some highlights today – A Yulong horse doing an almighty Yulong, allowing Wu Gok to kick back and win the Winter Cup:

And, as if it were Groundhog Day at Belmont, Perfect Jewel, who flew down the outside in the Belmont Sprint to beat favourite The Velvet King, flew down the outside and knocked off The Velvet King to win the Hyperion.

No photo needed this time, as yet again, Pat Carbery produced a firecracker.

Lashes in Race 7 at Rosehill – 7th

Is there such a thing as jumping too well?

Because Lashes jumped too well and ended up three wide as a result.

Despite having a chance to try and put a bit of pressure on Adelong on her inside, the mare just got swatted away like a butterfly fighting a tennis racquet, dropping out to run 7th, as Adelong went on to another romp, having been backed off the map before the race.

It should be said right here, that I definitely went too far in a few places…. especially taking on an airborne favourite.

Vanna Girl in The Roses at Eagle Farm – WINNER

Brad Stewart turned an orange into lemonade with that ride.

Jumped no better than 4th last, and yet, from Barrier 13, which is normally a huge worry at the 1800m start at Eagle Farm, he was one off the fence within 200m.

Deadset genius.

And then when the time was right, he peeled the filly out on the turn without a worry in the world, and despite being the widest runner, she never lost momentum down the outside, and the moment Stewart went for the whip, she put them away within 5 strides.

Just about the performance of the day anywhere on the continent.

Stewart produced another cracker on Gaulois next race in the Eagle Farm Mile, taking a horse who usually sits off the speed into a huge lead mid race, and the daring tactics paid off, holding off a charging pack to win by a bee’s dick, as millions of people could only recoil in horror as a plunge on Niccanova failed by two strides.

Hang Man in Race 8 at Moonee Valley – 8th

Good to see Harbour Views pull his finger out AFTER I jumped off.

Really no excuses for Hang Man – Got a nice ride tucked away on the rail, yet, when the whips started cracking, he went backwards faster than Michael Clarke after a hamstring injury.

It’s funny that I mentioned Double You Tee beating him easily in a Ballarat Cup…. turned out he was a better option for a roughie tip.

Not To Be Mist in Race 9 at Belmont – 2nd

The Wizard stuck to the rail and got the run, and the favourites fought it out as expected, but in the end, Jade ‘The Juggernaut’ McNaught aboard Mankind got Mr Socko out at the 300m, and that devastating use of the Mandible Claw delivered the WWF Heavyweight title the way of Hayden Ballantyne’s No.1 nag named after a WWE Hall of Famer.

The difference was pretty evident – Not to be Mist had to start the run on the turn,

The Cheetah’s Tip of the Day

‘LAYING’ Brimham Rocks in Race 5 at Eagle Farm – Well, didn’t that go well

Considering he had half the field, couldn’t go wrong picking a Waller runner, and yet, The Cheetah clearly got fed some bullshit mail, because the one horse he said couldn’t get it done ended up pissing in by 2 eased down.

Are you sure ‘Tony’s connection was actually Chris Waller, instead of being someone named Chris?

The classic performance of a dodgy tipster.

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