Horse Racing

The Chalk Eaters Guide Review: 27th June


2 cracks of the whip and Roheryn lengthened stride… and won the race eased down.

As I experienced today, it’s strange how life can balance itself out.

I originally had something written out for Ablaze in Race 3 at Rosehill, which I swapped out for Roheryn.

Ablaze ran as good as last jumping as the market elect, and as shown above, Roheryn was thumped into 3/1 and blasted home.

Then I had something written out for Alfa Oro and how Benny Melham probably had a stack on it to win at Caulfield, but instead I swapped it for Harbour Views a race later, thinking he could go back to back.

Alfa Oro won again, and Harbour Views ran 4th and pulled up lame.

Then on an unrelated note, at Belmont, in Race 5 I backed The Wizard when The Pontiff won, and when I backed The Pontiff in Race 7, The Wizard won.

Ah, the great game.

Roheryn in Race 5 at Rosehill – WINNER

How in the living daylights did he win that.

Last on the rail at the turn.

He was still looking like a shot duck at the 300m.

McDonald gives him 2 cracks of the whip as they approach the final furlong.

Roheryn then explodes to life, like a Space Shuttle being ignited by a cigarette lighter, and absolutely demolishes the field in the final furlong, so much so that JMac put the whip away in the final 75m, knowing he had it won.

What a win, and when I tipped him in yesterday’s guide, he was $4.60 on the third line of betting.

By the time of the jump, he was a clear 3-1 favourite.

Well done everyone, give yourselves a pat on the back.

Harbour Views in Race 8 at Caulfield – 4th

I traded out Alfa Oro to get burned by Harbour Views, in the latest of my great pieces of foresight.

A very flat performance for a horse that short, given he had every chance of winning, even as he spent parts of the race 3 wide, but he simply offered nothing and was run out of the Trifecta and in a familiar story at Caulfield, the horses on the speed fought the race out.

The vet examination did provide a very valid reason for Harbour Views’ below-par effort:

A lame performance in more ways than one.

Time for a spell for Harbour Views, and forget about a Cox Plate, how about you go for another crack at Country Championship.

Mississippi Delta in the Strickland Stakes at Belmont – 4th

A flat performance for mine from the Perth Cup winner – Didn’t pick up until the first 3 horses were off and gone, and she honestly looked like she wanted further, which isn’t surprising for a 2400m Group 2 winner.

Still, it wouldn’t have mattered if I’d gone for Perfect Jewel or One Mississippi Two Mississippi in Mr Peters’ fleet of horses – Neither of them had answer to Material Man, vindicating his comeback to racing, and proving the high point for Paul Harvey’s day.

So The Pontiff wins when I needed Pike to win, and Pike wins when I needed The Pontiff to win.

Ah, racing is a funny old game.

Silkinize in Race 8 at Belmont – 3rd

See my previous comments for my thoughts on this.

3 winners for Pikey, 2 for Harvey… and if they’d swapped Race 5 and 8 around, I’d be golden.

The Cheetah’s Tip Of The Day

‘Chris said Wu Gok Can’t Win’ – Chris was correct

Fancy that, The Cheetah seemed to have picked up some genuine information, because Wu Gok had reached the end of his rope and weakened out under the top weight.

Ultimately, it was a win to the son of the legend Frankel, Frankely Awesome, after some 22 months of trying since his last win, and he more than earned it.

Congratulations to all, and sadly, it’s time to say farewell to my strange acquaintance Mr Cheetah and your bizzare inside mail – You hit your straps over the past fortnight, but I have a crazy acquaintance from Bairnsdale ready to enthrall us all with his stories of Crazy Colin cooking a burger and stealing beer from the bottle shop.

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