Horse Racing

PSA: The Chalk Eaters is on a break this week

This might come as a disappointment to about 2 of you, but the reason is that I’ve been going non-stop with the Saturday tips since January 25 of last bloody year, and at some point, one does need to just take a day off.

So that said, my schedule is to take the bye for this Saturday, which looks as boring as batshit on paper, then I’ll return and produce a one-off report for the Magic Millions Day on the 16th, go back to bludging the next week ahead of the Australia Invasion Day January 26 long weekend, and we’re back to normal from January 30 onwards, going all the way through to the New Year, assuming the world doesn’t get destroyed before April.

On that note, I sent an email to Crazy Craig on Wednesday, telling him that he didn’t have to send me his tip for this Saturday, considering there won’t be a report.

In reply, The Boy From Bairnsdale told me that he was going to send me his tip anyway, and “I DON’T CARE IF YOU DON’T PUBLISH IT.”

Well, after all, he is CRAZY.

So that said, WATCH THIS SPACE tomorrow afternoon.

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