Hello from Yallingup… Or Dunsborough… Or Eagle Bay

Well folks, I did miss the entire final session of the Test driving down here after I realised at Baldivis that I’d left my backpack at home, but now that I’m here, all I can say is that drive down in a hatchback fighting battering winds was as painful as Hanuma Vihari batting for 4 hours with his hamstring dangling off his femur just to save that match for India.

Still, in both our cases, I think it’s worked out very well, because India saved that match, and until Thursday, I get to see some rather smart views of the local landscape:

Actually taken by my sister CT

Hang on a minute, that wasn’t even my photo.

Anyway, first cab off the rank, I finally get to experience the Caves House Hotel for the first time as a non-functioning adult:

Enjoy your night

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