Tuesday Tithbits: 12th January

You know, when you delve deeper, if you live in countries that don’t randomly put the month before the day when writing the date, today’s date can be written out as 12-1-21.

One Two One Two One.

It might come close to being a bigger laugh than the 10th of January 2001, which was the timeless 10-1-01, One Zero One Zero One.

It’s good to see that this threatening sign still exists at Simmos Ice Cream

Deadset, I recall that being there at least 20 years ago when I first visited the Dunsborough Simmos.

Sadly, I did not see the legendary ice-cream eating emu, which has most likely expired and gone to meet it’s maker after getting a brain freeze, or it was most likely sold for meat when times got tough.

A slightly threatening scene on a morning hike

I wonder what cold-blooded creature lives in there…. considering he’s been a visitor to the area, possibly Luc Longley.

A top notch idea I noticed today

‘We’ ventured off to Happs winery on an afternoon tour of some of the wineries around Yallingup, and something that grabbed our attention was that alongside their ‘traditional’ wine tasting set-up inside, there was also an outdoor self serve wine tasting area, possibly thought up in the last year as a means of spacing people out with COVID in mind…. or it was always there:

With complimentary bottles of water

What got my attention was that they were keeping the wine sample bottles cold by sticking them next to big bricks of ice, and given the size of the area, someone had a top notch idea to put together a Nitrogen-powered pipe system for the taps on the bottles, with the pipes (Which could be just your average garden sprinkler pipes) running from the awnings and down to a pair of big-arse gas bottles out the back:

As Kath and Kim would say, it’s nice, it’s different, it’s unusual

I’d imagine swapping those bottles out would cost a deadset arm and a leg, but I’m left thinking what a top notch idea that little pipe system is for the alcoholic who enjoys admiring nature.

In case the thought randomly popped in your head on a holiday, the distance from Sydney to Yallingup is 4093km

Thanks Happs.

The way India’s injuries keep piling up, Ravi Shastri and Sunil Gavaskar will have to pull on the creams at the Gabba

And they’ll still probably pluck out a draw.

To think that Jonathan Patton managed to string together more consecutive lewd messages than he has games

Apparently those women didn’t quite enjoy Big Johnny showing them Little Johnny… and you can understand why.

The Australian Grand Prix has officially, albeit tentatively, been moved to mid-November

Bugger it, why don’t all the respective parties give us an old-fashioned blast from the past and move the race from frigid November Melbourne to Adelaide?

Deadly Pandemic be damned, they’d get 200,000 people on the streets on race day.

On another relative note, I’d think another of those 2020 one-off tracks like Portimao, which was actually half-decent, will replace one of the flyaway rounds in an updated calendar, considering there’s a snowball’s chance in hell they’ll get to countries like Canada and the United States.

The Chalk Eaters will be making a one-off reappearance on Friday

And if Magic Millions Day is anything like it has been the last few years, we’ll be seeing at least 3 or 4 short-priced favourites at the Gold Coast getting randomly run down short of the post by some $50 pops.

There were only two Australians in the NFL Playoffs

As of the end of Wildcard Weekend, there are no more Australians remaining in the NFL playoffs.

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