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Crazy Craig’s Tip Of The Day: 23rd January

Amazing to think it’s been a year since this happened

Well, with the annual ‘Not A Particularly Flash’ Day public holiday coming up on Tuesday, I figured I’d take a rare opportunity for a 5 day weekend, although with my schedule it’s usually a 365 day weekend, so on that note, the Chalk Eaters will have it’s last scheduled break for the year, and in the meantime, here’s the one only Lucky Lips kid Crazy Craig, with his traditional p(r)ick for the day’s racing.

As always, take it away, Sir Cliff Richard!

Mosh Music (No.2, Barrier 7) in Race 4 at Sandown Hillside, 2:40pm AEDT

2400m Clanbrooke Racing Handicap

Trainer: Archie Alexander Handicap, Jockey: Jordan Childs, 57.5kg

G’day folks, it’s Crazy Craig, The Boy From Bairnsdale, and to start my segment this week before Australia Day, here’s a song about my tip, straight out of the Crazy Craig Classics Collection!

New York, London, Paris, Munich
Everybody talk about, Mosh Music!

Talk about, Mosh Music
Talk about, Mosh Music
Mosh, Mosh, Mosh, Mosh, Music!

Yesss that’s right, after my big win last week with Fabergino, the proceeds of which have not been stolen by Crazy Colin in the form of alcohol, I’ve come back for Round 2 with my old darling Mosh Music after she laid a duck egg at Flemington, and this time, I reckon we can get at least a 4th placing with the bonny mare!

The record will show that Mosh Music ran 5th that Saturday at Headquarters on the 9th, but I would point out that after being ridden more positively by Childs, she got held up for a run at the top of the straight, and the result of that was she never had any momentum to seriously challenge the place-getter-erers, although even I’m not Craaaazy enough to say she would’ve beaten Defibrilate.

This time around, she should be deadset peaking 4th up, and I’d point out that she has won at 2400m before at her only go in March of 2019, and this is where you come in and say “But Crazy Craig, Double You Tee and Bartholomeu Dias are good stayers and should also love the 12 furlongs, and Double You Tee beat Mosh Music last start!”



If you ask me, if Mosh Music gets a quieter ride this time around and has plenty of room to peel out coming down Corrigan dip, which I think she’ll get from Barrier 7 in a 7 horse field, she’ll give this one another shake of the sauce bottle!

So there you go, my pick of the day – Shoobie doobie do wop, MOSH MUSIC!

I’m Crazy Craig, and that’s why they call me Craaaaaazy Craig!

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