Tuesday Tithbits: 13th April

Kicking off the Tuesday report, let’s just think of some of the amazing historical anniversaries that have occurred in the past 3 days.

April 11, 1981: St Kilda’s Jeff Fehring kicks an 86 metre goal at Moorabbin, one of the longest VFL/AFL goals ever recorded:

This occurred minutes after he was reported

April 12, 1961: Cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin becomes the first human being to travel into outer space:

April 13, 1996: Greg Norman ends Day 3 of the Masters at 13 under, holding 6-shot lead over Nick Faldo.


A long-running Manning Memorial Bowling Club mystery has been SOLVED.

So this is a mild story, but it starts on Saturday night, when the Eagles held their annual Awards night (Yours truly worked the bar), and seeing the trophies being put on the table made me remark that there was a winners trophy for Manning Jack Attack, which we know for a fact because Todd/Kochie always mentioned it to Half Price, and there’s photos on the Jack Attack Facebook page, however the trophy was moved approximately 4 years ago and hadn’t been seen since, causing it to develop something of a mythical status, as some people doubted if it ever existed to begin with.

In a way, it was like talking about a South Melbourne premiership team, before 2005 rolled around.

After mentioning the story, I remembered that there are a bunch of trophies that sit on a shelf next to the main entrance, behind where the COVID-Safe sign-in desk now resides, so during a bit of downtime, I wandered over and took one look behind the table, and in the greatest archeological discovery since that Pom found Tutankhamen’s tomb in 1922….


Fair to say I got the long overdue photo with the trophy that I should’ve had in 2018-19 when Team Some Hope & Team Hope saluted the judges.

Anyway, I’ll report on this in the future after myself and Half Price pay a visit to the engraver and get a few champions on there.

Here’s Steven Spielberg’s depiction of John Morris’ final moments at the Cronulla Sharks

Ah well, I’ll be pulling the same thing after Josh Hannay gets thrown into Botany Bay after Round 25.

The AFLW Grand Final

So let’s go through the checklist about what’s gone on up to this point for Adelaide and Brisbane:

The Crows and Lions finished in the Top 2 positions.

Captain Erin Phillips is the Crows’ focal point.

Craig Starcevich is coaching the Lions.

The Lions are looking for their first premiership of any kind since 2003.

What is this, 2017?

I think we’ll be seeing the same result Saturday, as the Crowies make it 3 out of 5 flags in the AFLW.

Jeff Kennett on Hawthorn’s AFLW Bid

So as you’ve seen by now, my beloved club’s esteemed President sent out his weekly address to the members about the goings on at Waverley, and, as was picked up by Fox Sports, there were several paragraphs towards the end containing this:

“In finishing, can I say, the AFL Commission is meeting on the 1st of May. It will be at this meeting they decide on whether we can enter the AFLW competition next year as we wish and need.”

“I cannot believe that we will not get approval to enter the competition. It is just so wrong that we are excluded. Unfair on our women players and members.”

“Be assured if we do not get the green light, it will be DISCRIMINATION OF THE WORST KIND when we are the only women’s team where all our coaches of the women’s team are women, led by the fabulous Bec Goddard.”

Yes, it’s discrimination of the worst kind…


Some uninteresting shots from the footy on Sunday

And to think my family bloody well told me to rug up as Perth dealt with the effects of a cyclone smashing the north-northwest, causing some steady rainfall all of Sunday morning….

By mid-afternoon, It was bloody well 24 degrees Celsius, sunny and humid, and any threat of rain had passed down to those unimportant places like Mandurah:

Josh ‘Cyclone’ Treacy shanks the first shot at goal for his career
I tell ya, we was bathed in sunshine and hating every minute of it
There were a few annoying Hawks supporters in Section 305 that just didn’t stop all day, and I hope you burn in a propane-fuelled hell
Right as the siren went as Mitchell Lewis hit someone off the ball, and the Hawks rushed a behind to cost our mate Ron Dymock the Manning Bowling Club margins comp win for Round 4 (He had 16 points… it finished at 15)

Anyway, the game turned out exactly as I expected, as the Hawks fought hard, but they were honestly spared a 7 goal spanking due to the fact that Nat Fyfe couldn’t hit the side of a barn door from 15 metres away everytime he kicked at goal.

6 behinds for my fellow Old Aquinian – Good to see nothing’s changed since the 2013 Grand Final on that front.

Marc Marquez returns after 9 months on the sidelines


In case you’re unaware of what put Marc on the sidelines, cast your minds back to this violent surf through the gravel at Jerez in mid-2020:

Which left him with a broken forearm requiring surgery, although the nutcase defied the doctors and tried riding a week later, complicating his recovery and putting him out for the entire 2020 MotoGP season due to the stress placed on the inserted plate.

GWS have caught fire, now they’re going full charcoal

What a snazzy set of guernseys – Bravo Puma.

And finally, some major news on the Manning Bowls front

No, I’m not playing Pennants for the Eagles, given I’m about 35 years away from reaching the minimum age to play competitive bowls, but given I’ve been sitting on this for so long, NOW is the time to drop the hammer with it being only 4 days away.

After years of waiting for a repeat of the heroic 6th place Team Hope produced at Thornlie in 2018, the Manning Bowling Club have entered 3 teams for this Saturday’s Community Shield at Hilton Park, all from the highly successful Jack Attack Competition:




As it turned out, all 3 teams selected finished in the Top 4, so unlike the Mexicans, we’re not sending our worst.

Regardless, what a sight that should be – Some of Manning’s greatest social characters going up against WA’s most reputable community bowls teams… Who all seem to be in the Perth Metro Area.

As for a report, I’ll do my darndest to get one to you sometime in the next week.

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