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Crazy Picks of the Day Review: 13th November

Pictured: The Wizard is a Lou Gramm fan, as evidenced by him booting Midnight Blue home

You know what I did for Responsible Gambling Week, without even realising it until this afternoon?

I bet a grand total of $30 in 7 days, and it was all on Our Playboy losing the Cranbourne Cup by half a length to King Magnus.

Like all things in life, be it Wrigleys chewing gum, Benson & Hedges, or drinking with your neighbours, social punting on nags is something that should always be enjoyed IN MODERATION.

Actually, to come to think of it, one of those four things shouldn’t be enjoyed at all.

Value Pick: Loch Eagle in the Spring Stakes at Newcastle = 7th

“All a bit soon for him but a lovely horse.” – James McDonald

That’s probably a nice way of putting it – McDonald gave Loch Eagle every chance in the run, but ultimately the 2-start maiden just isn’t at the point in time where he’s got the ability to match it with the likes of Festival Dancer and War Eternal, and ultimately weakened out to miss the placings by what was officially 1.75L, joining everyone else in being well beaten by Festival Dancer.

Some horses are an unwritten novel, some are trilogy…. For all we know, he’s a Haiku.

The Hugh Hefner Pick: Our Playboy in the Cranbourne Cup at Cranbourne = 2nd

If they hadn’t shaved the Cranbourne Cup from 2025m down to 1600m, Our Playboy would’ve been absolutely golden I tell ya, GOLDEN.

Random Lou Gramm Pick: Midnight Blue in the Ascot Gold Cup at Ascot = WINNER ($3.50)

Textbook steer by William Pike on Midnight Blue, Anti-vaxx or not:

As the father of the distinctive lead singer of Foreigner once said, it’s either Cherry Red…..

Or Midnight Blue.

So the Random Lou Gramm Pick goes one better than last week’s Random Bill Haley Pick….

I’ll gather further research into this area, but it appears Rock and Roll pioneers don’t make good tipsters.

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