It looks like Mr Creosote was courtside at the Sacramento Kings – Utah Jazz game

I like writing about ‘It Happens’ moments in sport, like players taking a leak on the field during a game, Steve Bradbury, but what happened in the NBA today/this evening is a genuine It Happens moment:

“Good afternoon, sir. And how are we today?”



“Better get a bucket, I’m about to throw up.”

Check in the top right corner, you can see the pile of his own making

Easily the most interesting part of the Kings’ season.

Poor bastard must have been blackout drunk all game… probably still is

The officials had to postpone the game for 20 minutes just to clean up the chunder lake that had formed at Mr Creosote’s feet, while he just sat there with some kind of thousand yard stare, before he was escorted out, his seat replaced with a ‘Kids at Play’ sign, and they had to put up the alcohol policy on the big screen… a notorious incident that shall now be known as The Yack at the Sac, and Sacramento has now been declared Yackramento.

Of course, while Luke Walton is still the coach of the Kings….

It appears they’ve found his brother, Puke Walton.

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