The Tuesday Tithbit: 17th May

In a slight detour from recent programming, with a hectic weekend ahead, I’ve decided to focus my energies on getting the 2022 Political Premiership up and running by Election Day, which means we’ll be having a slightly quieter week, so here we go for this week’s Tuesday Tithbit…

I think that post I made for the 30th anniversary of Geelong’s all-time record AFL score has gotten a bit out of hand

So in case you missed it, which is 99% of ‘youse’, it’s now been a fortnight since I made the aforementioned 30 year anniversary post about Geelong kicking a One Day cricket score on the Brisbane Bears in 1992, which remains the AFL’s all-time record score of 37.17-239, and in the weeks since, I keep noticing that I’ve collected collateral clicks from what must be every search engine on the internet:

It’s so prolific that the post is now easily into my Top 10 for Most Post Views (715), only 930 behind the epic Don McKinnon Pissing on Lang Park post from 2020 that still keeps ploughing along towards 2,000 views with absolutely no advertising at all.

As you can see, a wide diversity of posts in the Top 10, with 90% of them AFL posts, the lone exception being in November 2021, when I highlighted that Sacramento Kings fan who was so drunk he vomited profusely courtside, like Mr Creosote after a wafer-thin mint, a moment that saw me have a rare hit with American sporting fans.

Being curious, I decided to play the role of Chris Masters and investigate why I was getting these absurd page views for such a minor moment in sporting history, so I typed in “AFL RECORD SCORE” into ‘The Google’, and lo and behold…


You get the exact same result if you type in “HIGHEST SCORE IN AFL” – A snippet from the post is the top result.

Although oddly enough, it doesn’t even register in the first page on Bing, with the top result being the AFL Tables page for all-time record Scores, and it’s pretty much the same for all the others.

Like I said, it’s gotten VERY out of hand…

As did the margin between the Bears and the Cats that Sunday night at Carrara.

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