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Crazy Craig’s Pick of the Day Review: 18th December

I tell ya what, I haven’t seen this much NUMEROLOGY on a Saturday of racing in a long while, especially at Eagle Farm:

  • Race 1 at Ascot was won by No.1, and Race 7 was won by No.7
  • Race 2 at Flemington was won by No.2
  • Race 3 at Gawler was won by No.3
  • Race 4 at Randwick was won by No.4, and Race 8 was won by No.8.

And how about this….

  • Race 5 at Eagle Farm was won by No.5, Race 6 was won by No.6, Race 8 was won by No.8, and Race 9 was won by No.9.

Further to it, the last 3 races at Randwick were all won by horse No.8….. My dear acquaintance The Gabster would’ve been beside himself at Ascot, in between telling his mate Santo to ‘get farked’.

Anyway, that’s another day of dumpster racing done, as Regal Power won a Group 2 at $1.20 that absolutely nobody gave a crap because it was Race 3 on the Ascot card, Gypsy Goddess won the Group 3 Grand Prix at Eagle Farm at $1.24 in just about the best performance of the day, while the kicks to the gonads just keep coming for the NSW crew at Sky Racing….

For context, Paul Joyce ‘relocated’ from Sydney to Queensland (Although he hasn’t left Sky), then Tony Brassel pulled the rug out from underneath Tabcorp and announced he’s going to Racenet after 23 years on the Red channel, then Lizzie Jelfs, the current runaway No.1 on the Australian ‘Mounting Yard Analyst’ Power Rankings, announced she was leaving Sky and that today’s meeting at Randwick would be her last Saturday for Thoroughbred Central, and her vast army of followers cried out in pain:

So while Channel 7 are currently filling a truck full of $100 notes in an attempt to entice their next mounting yard analyst for the 2022 Spring Carnival, Sky have lost their best (And easily their most popular) judge of a horse, and their once vaunted line-up of talking heads has been reduced to the likes of Glenn Munsie, Richard Callender, David Gately and Gary Harley, who have all previously been mistaken for characters from Jim Henson’s workshop.

Over the course of this week, I reckon the only thing in worse shape than Sky’s on-air lineup would’ve been my left rear tyre as I pulled in to Welwyn Avenue on Friday afternoon, with a close second going to Crazy Craig’s Pick of the Day in Bigboyroy, who offered absolutely nothing in the straight at Randwick and could only run 6th, and I reckon this is the first Saturday in which Crazy Craig hasn’t picked a winner since Melbourne Cup Day….

Which makes sense when you realise he went missing for a month.

Still, despite being burned by Bigboyroy, I reckon I had a reasonably successful day, because I made a split-second decision to jump on the Squid Game bandwagon….

Nothing to do with the TV series, I just decided to back Patrick Payne’s gelding in Race 2 at Flemington, and after a move to Hong Kong was aborted due to a failed vet check, the promising gelding showed the Honkers crew what they were missing out on:

And I took Beat The Bro on a hunch in Race 2 at Ascot, and it worked out quite well when the favourite proved that he was the favourite for a reason, getting clean running in the straight and running over the top of Red Publisher.

Now, time to dissect the carcass of Crazy Craig:

Pick of the Day: Bigboyroy in Race 8 at Randwick = 6th

For god’s sake, Roy performed worse than Andrew Symonds adhering to a team drinking curfew, and that was despite getting one of the best runs in the race, 2nd/3rd on the fence trailing the runaway leader in Prime Candidate….

However, Bogaverageroy just genuinely offered stuff all, and the early analysis from my friend Mr Alfonse was that the gelding appeared to suffer a very severe case of 2nd Up Syndrome.

In conclusion, here’s a summary of Bigboyroy, courtesy of

To go punting jail, go directly to punting jail, do not pass go, do not collect $200.

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