26 years later and an SCG Preliminary Final ends in a 1-point victory to the Sydney Swans

And in both 1996 and 2022, the game ended with the ball at the Southern End of the ground, with the last score being a behind.

1996: The most important kick of Tony Lockett’s career turns out to be a match-winning behind to put the Swans into a Grand Final for the first time since 1945

2022: Callum Mills scores a try into the left-hand goal post to save the Swans’ Grand Final spot with 1 second left.

Which brings me to this comment:

“Sydney stares down the Grim Reaper, and LIVES TO TELL THE TALE!” – Gerard Whateley on SEN

If you want to know the context for that ripping yarn, when Jamie Elliott kicked the goal to put Collingwood up by a point against Carlton in Round 23 to end the Blues’ season, Whateley exclaimed “Collingwood have closed like the Grim Reaper!”

One can only think that due to working with Robbo on Fox Footy for over a decade, Gerard has constant thoughts of death incarnate.

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