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Crazy Craig’s Picks of the Day: 15th October

Based on a series of plausible events in a regional Victorian town

So amidst the fourth once in a lifetime dumping of rain across Southeast Australia this year, it’s time another one of Australia’s great days of Spring racing with the running of The Everest at Randwick, and the Caulfield Cup in the long lost city of Atlantis, which for some reason is located where Melbourne used to be, and this is a special edition of the Caulfield Cup, because it’s 25 years since Might and Power won the ’97 Caulfield Cup by a good 7 lengths.

It’s also 20 years since Northerly carried topweight of 58kg and won the race in 2002, a week before he became the only horse in the last 50 years to win the Caulfield Cup & Cox Plate double in a season.

And the greatest Caulfield Cup anniversary for this year sees us mark 30 years since Mannerism’s win, which wasn’t even the most memorable part of the race, because a certain Raymond Shane Dye decided to send Veandercross 12 wide on the corner in search of better ground, in one of the most notorious rides in living memory, arguably costing the favourite the race.

The other forgotten part of the race… Subzero’s perfect Melbourne Cup trial to run home for 4th

Other than that, there’s the Eurythmic Stakes at Ascot, which is in Belmont, and apparently there’s some big race worth a lot of money due to run this week in Sydney, not that anyone at Racing NSW has mentioned it non-stop for the last 6 weeks in their little echo chamber, but you may have heard of it, it’s called THE KOSCIUSKO.

A quality race named after one of the greatest peaks in the world…

And there’s also The Everest.

So it’s on to Crazy Craig, and I have absolutely no idea how he keeps finding a winner every week, but our resident lunatic has now plucked out more Value winners in 3 weeks than he did in the previous 2 years, and it may be as simple as his inspired change of music, having gone nowhere with Lucky Lips by Cliff Richard, to GOOD LUCK CHARM by the one, the only King, ELVIS PRESLEY:

The Omen Pick of the Day: Angry Skies (No.12, Barrier 3) in Race 5 at Caulfield (MR5), 2:35pm AEDT

1400m 3YO Listed Gothic Stakes

Trainers: Ben & JD Hayes, Jockey: Blake Shinn, 56kg

Hello hello everyone it’s Craaaaazy Craig TBFB, Scratchie King of Bairnsdale, back after find yet another value winner last week, proving I might just be the greatest mental mastermind of a tipster you’ve ever SEEN!

Now, this week I was busy delivering scratchies to those who had been hit hard by the heavy rains we’ve had all week in Victoria, and if you ask your old mate Craig, these unseasonably huge rains are just the Good Lord Above getting back at Crazy Colin for that time he walked into the bottle shop and drank a beer, claiming he was thirsty!

And that time he walked into a restaurant kitchen, made himself a hamburger on the grill, all because he claimed he was hungry!


Anyway, I’ve got to find a Pick of the Day for what should be a great Caulfield Cup Day of racing, although the weather means it’ll probably be what the French would call ‘Shithouse’, and when I had a look through the field for the Gothic Stakes in Race 5, I thought to myself…

After the horrific weather we’ve had, wouldn’t it make sense that ANGRY SKIES would be the one of the horses to win on Saturday?


OMEN. BET, and you heard it from me.

I would also note Angry Skies won his maiden on a Heavy at Swan Hill, and he has form behind Elliptical from his last start 4th at Sandown… if you need further proof, Elliptical ran 2nd in the Group 1 Caulfield Guineas last week!

So all in all, what could go wrong, besides everything?

Musical Pick of the Week: Mr Mozart (No.1, Barrier 1) in the Silver Eagle at Randwick (SR8), 4:50pm AEDT

1300m 4YO Set Weights

Trainers: Michael, Wayne & John Hawkes, Jockey: Brenton Avdulla, 57.5kg

I was absolutely certain would’ve absolutely shat it in the Heavy last week before Randwick was called off due to persistent heavy rain…. BUT YOU CAN’T STOP MR MOZART RUNNING A SYMPHONY IN THE RAIN:

Value Pick: Nerodio (No.4, Barrier 3) E/W in Race 7 at Ascot (PR7), 4:25pm AWST (7:25)

1000m Listed Furphy R.S Crawford Stakes

Trainer: Stephanie Barkanich, Jockey: Laqdar Ramoly (a), 57.5kg

Nerodio… Wasn’t he the main character in The Matrix?

No, that was Neo.

Anyway, there are classier horses in this field, but I think we’ve got a perfect place chance here knackers, because:

Nerodio’s record at Ascot = 7 starts, 6 MINOR PLACINGS.

Nerodio’s record over the sharp 1000 metres: 7 starts, 6 WINS, 1 2ND.

Once again I ask, what could go wrong besides everything?

Everest Place Pick, because let’s be honest Nature strip is going to crap it in: No.4 Masked Crusader

My Caulfield Cup Pick: Benaud (No.10) E/W wearing the Cream jacket from Barrier Twenty-Chew

Heavy track, Derby runner-up which means he can run 2400m….

For the third and final time I ask, what could go wrong knackers?

Enjoy your Saturday folks, STAY DRY, stay safe, stay negative, KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE ROAD, and remember, I’m Crazy Craig, and that’s why they call me Craaaaaazy Craig!

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