Horse Racing

A late night tip for the VRC Oaks, courtesy of Crazy Craig

After knocking off work at 9:15 (Yes that’s right, I work elsewhere now) and heading home this evening, I received a surprising email from our resident eccentric form analyst Crazy Craig via our mutual companion Mr Alfonse, and I say surprising because he’s never done a tip for Oaks Day before on this website in any way, shape or form, but here we go, the message reads like this:

“Hello hello Senor, it’s Crazy Craig, TBFB, Scratchie King of Bairnsdale, I don’t usually send these out on Wednesday mate because I’m usually in Colin’s garden borrowing his tomatoes, but it is the most special of Thursdays for the races with the VRC Oaks, and I think it’d be wrong if I didn’t send out something for the Crazy Army!”

“As a fan of Austin Powers, I noticed a filly running in the race with a name very familiar to the third and final film Goldmember, and I think we can have a bit of fun with a good old value bet…”


“Take care, spike your hair, don’t be a stranger, keep your eyes on the road, CC”

Fun fact – One of the part owners of Foxy Cleopatra is none other than Melbourne Storm fullback & 2020 Clive Churchill Medalist Ryan Papenhuyzen…

The other is some bloke called Laurie Daley.

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