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Crazy Colin’s Random Picks of the Day: 19th November

Twitter? More like QUITTER

Hello everyone, I’ll cut straight to the chase because Crazy Colin put bugger all in his email to me this week, and ‘bugger all’ is a polite way of putting it, but we’ve got a few feature races across the board, with The ‘Gong down in Kembla Grange, it’s Ballarat Cup day in the Victorian goldmining capital, the Mooloolaba Cup at the Sunshine Coast, and the feature event of the day sees the beginning of the Group 1 action in Perth with…


“I’ve been betting on the Railway, all the live long dayyyyyyy!”

And believe you me it’s going to be a Soft track, considering Perth has been absolutely smacked by 25mm of rain in the last 30 hours, and it’s at this point that people across New South Wales and Victoria reply with “Yeah, and?”

So the last horse not coated in Cerise & White that won the Railway Stakes was none other than upset winner Great Shot in 2017, as the combination of William Pike/Grant & Alana Williams/Bob Peters have since won the last 4 Railways, although we definitely know Grant Williams won’t be making it 5 consecutive wins as a trainer ’cause he ain’t got a horse in the field, and Pike & Peters will be hard-pressed to make it a 5peat with Treasured Star (prepared by Adam Durrant) jumping from the Swan River with Barrier 20.

So cutting the crap and starting the crap, here’s Crazy Colin’s underwhelming Picks of the Day, fresh off a pair of 3rd placings last weekend, and we weren’t sure on the theme music for this weekend, so after mashing the Shuffle button on my Spotify, here’s what we found….

C.W. McCall’s theme to the 1978 cult classic Convoy!

Random Italian Sounding Horse: Libiamo (No.14, Barrier 16) in Race 4 at Ballarat (MR4), 1:45pm AEDT

1100m A Grade Sheds BM70 Handicap

Trainer: Simon Zahra, Jockey: Ethan Brown, 56.5kg

A girl went back to Napoli, because she missed the scenery,
The native dances and the charming songs, but wait a minute, something’s wrong…

‘Cause now it’s…

Hey, mambo! Mambo Libiamo!
Hey, mambo! Mambo Libiamo
Go, go, go you mixed up sigialiano
All you calabraise-a do the mambo like a crazy with a

Grazie, Il Dino.

The Groundskeeper Willie Pick: Able Willie (No.14, Barrier 2) in Race 6 at Kembla Grange (SR6), 3:20pm AEDT

1200m Colts Geldings & Entires BM78

Trainer: Chris Waller, Jockey: Brenton Avdulla, 56.5kg

If he doesn’t win, this image will make another appearance:

The Jodie Foster Omen Bet: Acting God (No.12, Barrier 4) E/W in Race 9 at Ascot, 5:23pm AWST (8:23)

1600m 72+ Rating Handicap

Trainer: Bruce Watkins, Jockey: Jason ‘The Fish’ Whiting, 54kg

The last of the day at Ascot, and you can probably guess by the name of this Random Pick, but which esteemed actress turns 60 on Saturday?

John Hinckley Jr’s favourite actress, 2-time Academy Award winner for Best Actress, Jodie Foster!

Allison Janney also has a birthday on November 19, but she’s only got 1 Academy Award for Best Actress, so nobody cares about her omen bet.

Colin’s Feature Race Bets that will not place:

Ballarat Cup: No.3 “Atishu Atishu, we all fall down!”

The Gong: No.4 Rustic Steel

WA Guineas: No.15 Amelia’s Jewel

Railway Stakes: No.2 Yonkers

“So that’s all from yours truly, thanks for being amused, and as always friends, stay safe, look after each other…. and don’t steal your neighbour’s tomatoes, but do feel free to drink his beer!” – Crazy Colin

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