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The Chalk Eaters Guide Review: May 4th

While Damien Oliver was off giving the Croweaters a balltearing at Morphetville, here I am, as per usual, watching my selections crash and burn Hindenburg style.

Haunted in Race 3 at Morphetville- 3rd

Getting beaten to the line by Zalmona is disappointing enough, but so is being no match for Despatch, who ended up covering more ground than the early settlers and was still too good for the favourite, making it a hat-trick of wins.

3rd in the 3rd- It’s like poetry, it rhymes.

Grinzinger Star in Race 5 at Flemington- 4th

One of the horses looked like a good SA/Queensland Derby Prospect.

And it sure as hell isn’t Grinzinger Star.

Ethan Brown copped a rude awakening on the turn when he sat and waited to peel off and start his run, only for Ridgewood Drive to loom up and give him a huge bump, similar to how Dermott Brereton ironed out Paul Vander Haar in the 1989 Semi-Final.

It was all over from there- Ridgewood Drive shot clear and won by some 4L, while Grinzinger battled away to run 4th.

If Grinzinger does go around at all, he won’t even sniff the first four, because he simply isn’t good enough.

Freddie Fox Trot in Race 6 at the Gold Coast- 6th

The heavy rain was clearly a conspiracy to stop Freddie from scoring a win.

The Stewards report says that Dan Griffin felt the gelding was overracing in the early and middle stages, and it probably did tell in the straight, as he was very quickly challenged for the lead and simply didn’t have the legs to go with the likes of Malvern Estate, Music Magnate & Coldstone.

3rd in the 3rd, 6th in the 6th- I’m sensing a pattern here….


Little Fish in Race 8 at Ascot- Poo

Here’s a summation of how Little Fish went, in the form of a Simpsons gif.

Gave up quicker than the French Army in 1940.

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