Horse Racing

The Chalk Eaters Guide Review: 25th May

I thought it was funny watching everything I threw in get backed into pretty much poison odds, and then immediately come out and let everyone down.

On the flip side, Crazy Craig found another victim.

Reloaded in Race 1 at Randwick- 2nd

Ah, Reloaded.

You could have been an Autumn Sun, but instead, you’re in-line to be a victim of Crazy Craig for the next year, after Anthony Cummings put in a prayer to Satan, which was answered in the form of Prince Fawaz.

Jason Collett ended up getting suspended for 2 weeks thank to his ride on Reloaded.

Money Maher in Race 2 at Belmont- 8th (Stone Motherless)

Not even two starts into a preparation, and I’m declaring him ready for the paddock.

Haunted in Race 7 at Flemington- 9th (Second Last)

I think Willow may want to pray that something going amiss on Haunted shows up in the Vets report, because Haunted raced like he’d seen a ghost.

The fight ended up being between the next two in the market, Order of Command and Milwaukee, which Alice Cooper told us in Wayne’s World, is actually pronounced Mill-e-wah-que, which is Algonquin for the good land.

Order of Command got the judge’s verdict.

The Velvet King in Race 8 at Belmont- WINNER

Lee Newman is back in the WA riding ranks, and he decided to honour Vo Rogue’s induction into the Racing Hall of Fame by going nuts out in front and destroying any hope Senorita Bonita had of winning, in a ride that Cyril Small probably witnessed on the other side of the continent and admired.

His wobble on the turn and the close margin between the Eagles and Crows really made me fill my dacks, but monarchs have to be tough, and he sure was, grinding it out to win.



By jingoes, Crazy Craig is racking up a nice old kill list.

By the time of the jump, Cradle was running with 3 legs, blowing from an opening price of $2.70 out to $4.00.

As if having the Macedon Madman staring you down with a .410 loaded with cash wasn’t hard enough.

Anyway, the market move was absolutely correct, as Cradle Mountain went up on speed and weakened out in the straight, probably a concoction of the hot speed +shorter distance + the weight.

In the end, Deprive, who got smashed into $2.35, got home thanks to a monster effort from Rachel King, cleaving through 4 lanes of traffic without making contact to mow down Heart Conquered.

I haven’t seen someone pull their finger out like that since John Hopoate.

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