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The Chalk Eaters Guide Review: 1st June

Ah, I love posting that.

Winter Bride in Race 4 at Doomben- 3rd

Credit to Winter Bride she actually managed to give a better sight than I’d hoped for, especially going up in class, and did manage to comfortably beat Viridine and I Am Excited.

Only problem was, Pretty In Pink had the best timed run, courtesy of one R.Fradd, and managed to snag the win, only barely, because Brave Song popped up like the ATO visiting Paul Hogan, and very nearly pulled off the win of the day.

If anything, Winter Bride just went a second too early, and Brave Song was a second too late.

Reelem In Ruby in Race 5 at Rosehill- WIN

Well, the only thing I can say, which best describes Ruby’s win, is that she won… it was very tough to watch, but she did manage to beat off Bangkok, something many Australian tourists have failed to do.

We shall speak no more about it.

Propelle in Race 6 at Caulfield- *Fart Sound*

That was also the sound Bam’s On Fire made when he passed Propelle on the turn, and then went on to smack the lights out of everyone and give Dwayne Dunn some 4 out of the first 6 races at The Heath.

Captain Hindsight says I probably should’ve included Kapajack in her place.

Live And Free in Race 9 at Caulfield- 2nd

A well measured ride by Bretty Prebble, who stoked up Live and Free on the turn, and he spaced the field- The only problem was, Pacodali ahead of him was also knocking on the door for a win, and just kept on finding!

On the sad side, that’s probably the last race that former Caulfield Cup winner Boom Time will appear in, after he went like a busted arse.


California Zimbol to WIN Race 2 at Doomben- 2nd

I haven’t heard from Crazy Craig since he sent me the email yesterday to plug his spew in, but I imagine he’s somewhere in the Macedon Ranges right now, slowly stewing at watching California Zimbol go down on the line, and is probably now putting James McDonald down to 100,001 on the Top 100,000 list of Kiwis in Australia- Just ahead of Russell Crowe.

Had every chance, but Diamond Thunder nutted him in the shadows!

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