Horse Racing

The Chalk Eaters Guide Review: 29th June

Winter racing, a true mug’s game.

If you think today’s performance was bad, it could’ve been worse.

I almost put Bon Amis in.

Mr Wong in Race 1 at Rosehill= 6th

If Racing NSW had run the race from the Rosehill carpark, Mr Wong would’ve had half a chance.

Fair to say, Aaron Bullock’s ride wasn’t the type you’d be showing on the VHS to the apprentices school.

Savacool in Race 3 at the Sunshine Coast= 2nd

The best of the beaten brigade in the end thanks to Bul Burgess doing zig zags in the straight, as the mudder Red Colour went straight to the front and absolutely dry humped the field by a good 4L.

The mare has now had 9 starts on rain-affected tracks… for 7 wins.

City Circle in Race 5 at Belmont= 5th

Ended up jumping ‘too well’ and went to the lead, completely pissing away every comment I’d made in the Chalk Eaters, allowing Misty Lad to sit alongside and annoy the crap out him, so it was no surprise that City Circle was the first runner beaten.

Mankind won, and oddly enough, despite Caerhelan landing in the old one out one back and having next to no pressure on him, City Circle still managed to beat him home.

Jamaican Rain in Race 8 at the Sunshine Coast= Hahahaha, who knows where.

Jamaican me pretty angry.

I magine waiting all day for a spuddy performance like that.

Like I did, and am now regretting doing so.

Went to the lead from Barrier 2, and did not give a frikkin’ yelp from the 600 onwards.


LAYING England in Race 3 at Rosehill= SCRATCHED

Apparently that’s how frightened trainers are of Crazy Craig- Chris Waller scratched England this morning!

The conditions may have also played a part, so the end result is that I can’t give Crazy Craig the glory of another lay, on account of England not running.

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