Horse Racing

The Chalk Eaters Guide Review: 6th July

Did you know that yesterday was 30 years since the pilot of Seinfeld aired?

It’s a Festivus Miracle!

Sir Elton in Race 3 at Randwick- WON

Sir Elton didn’t go breaking out hearts today, and then again, he couldn’t if he tried.

Looking at the result, it really was a case of Sir Elton beating The Rolling Stones, with Gimme Shelter in for 2nd, while further down, Embracer drifted badly from $2.90 to $4.40, and accordingly after trying to lead alongside Sir Elton, he burned out like a candle in the wind.

And of course, Darren Flindell had yet another Elton-related one liner for us, declaring Sir Elton was on the Yellow Brick Road after streaking clear with 100 to go.

Onya Daz.

Dr Drill in Race 6 at Randwick- 2nd

I was a tad concerned about the drift on Dr Drill, once people discovered he was as genuine a doctor as Jayant Patel, and the subsequent massive push for Chris Waller’s Wu Gok- Which turned out to be well justified.

Anyway, I’m not as disappointed as I should be- O’Hara gave Dr Drill every chance of winning, and really the only hope was to hold Wu Gok in a pocket up until the 100 metres, which wasn’t a realistic chance.

Once Wu Gok got out at the 300, it was really only a matter of when, and not if he got past Dr Drill, which eventually happened with 50 metres to go.

Milwaukee in Race 7 at Flemington- 2nd

Sure, Milwaukee was fairly beaten on his merits, but I am bloody BITTER that the Stewards couldn’t aggressively enforce the rules and declare Malibu Style a scratching because his barrier opening a second earlier than everyone else!

Check the start here 8 seconds in- Barrier 3 cleary opened early!

Apparently the only thing that saved Malibu was the fact that he reared up, and ended up jumping a length last.

A clean jump, and he’s probably wiped off the record, and we’re all celebrating a favourite winning a race he never looked like winning.

Anyway, Milwaukee had every chance to win, but just couldn’t

Great Again in Race 8 at Belmont- 2nd

Losing on the bloody line three bloody times.

Not that I can complain, he jumped superbly, led comfortably and kicked clear in the straight, only for Pikey to pull his usual “Pike In The Last” magical bullcrap and land another plunge for his disciples, which for some reason, never works WHEN I BLOODY BACK HIM!


Crazy Craig’s Tip Of The Day

LAYING Chouxting The Mob in Race 4 at Flemington- LAY SUCCESSFUL

After four consecutive wins, it was 60 kilos and the weight of Crazy Craig bearing down on him finally brought Chouxting The Mob’s winning streak to an end.

He sat last throughout the run, but once Oliver had to crack the whip at the turn with 500 to go, I could see he really struggled under the big weight, and once the leaders quickened, Chouxting just couldn’t go with them.

He did pick up once his chances were smoked, and up in front, Beau Balmain and Future Score, both of whom were mentioned by Craig, fought out root-tootin’ finish, and somehow Craig Williams plucked the favourite out of a pocket and nailed Beau Balmain on the post.

Another good effort by my crazy friend!

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