The Chalk Eaters Guide Review: 23rd November

Let’s just say I was a ‘tad’ off today, and by that, I mean same old shizen, different day.

But hey, that move of putting Pikey on the cover for the post yesterday was an 8th Dimensional move in hindsight.

So, Mister Seawolf craps on everyone to win The Gong at 25/1, a fairly rank outsider in War Saint wins the WA Guineas at 35/1, and Pike on Regal Power, which was a 9/1 chance, wins the Railway.

This day on the punt could be best described by the master poet himself, Kevin Bloody Wilson.

Bam’s On Fire in Race 2 at Ballarat- 3rd

Wow, who’d have thought going back to last thinking you’re hot shit, instead of settling at least a pair forward when the chance was there, would work out so poorly.

The leaders crawled at least 10 lengths below average speed, and really, laying in during the straight just becomes a convenient excuse when you do that.

Bravo young Teo, I think you’ll need a few more views of the VCR at the apprentices school before you get the hang of booting home a favourite.

Luccicello in Race 4 at Kembla- 4th

The classic Sydney camel, had every chance to beat Kylease, and just like everyone else, she couldn’t.

Dance Music in Race 6 (Jungle Mist Classic) at Ascot- 3rd

Well, this race has got my epitaph sorted.

“Took the Run 2nd Money Back Option- Ran 3rd”

So Electric Light won the battle, and it just had to be bloody a Lindsey Smith nag making Dance Music run 3rd.

Dig Deep in the WA Guineas- Fart (Think it was 6th)

Did he even run?

And of course, it just had to be Chris Parnham driving a stake into my dark heart riding Dance Music, only to suddenly show up and win the Guineas on a 35/1 pop.

Amazingly, I haven’t been sent to Bedlam yet.

Crazy Craig’s Tip Of The Day

LAYING Bumper Blast in Race 6 at Ballarat- SUCCESS

Well, Crazy Craig was pretty much spot on- The wide gate and the weight finished off the second favourite, who did present in the straight, but simply couldn’t sustain the run.

Although that said, Bumper Blast had excuses, but O’Tauto…. Bahahahahahaha, oh dear, that was stinky.

Regardless, well done Craig, you’ll be back next week.

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