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The Chalk Eaters Guide Review: 30th May

Here’s the vomit inducing brutal beat of the day – The Velvet King jumping a clear $2.50 favourite in the Belmont Sprint, and getting beaten in a head bobber by the ‘unfancied’ Peters horse Perfect Jewel.

I reckon that happened to me twice last Sunday – Backed a favourite, and got nutted on the line by the frikkin’ outsider.

Still, I’d call today a success – 2 winners, and we were a nose away from making it 3.

Bloody Oliver.

Other moments today – Fituese got beaten by Esperance, Chris Waller stacked the deck with 7 out of 16 runners in the Chairman’s Handicap at Doomben, and he ended up training the first 6 runners home, and he got Wu Gok home in a boring edition of the Lord Mayor’s Cup.

Anders in Race 1 at Rosehill – WINNER

That Peltzer form held up very well – It also came through in the 1st at Caulfield with Valaquenta, who ran 7th to the gelding on the 9th of May.

You know it’s a weird day when even I can pluck out a 2 year old winner.

Miss Einstein in Race 6 at Rosehill – 5th

Another victim of the dreaded ‘Coffin’ position, an informal position in running, that I will attempt to describe with a Microsoft Paint diagram.

Essentially it’s called ‘The Coffin’ because you’re boxed in with next to no chance of escape, outside of a drill or a crow bar.

That’s what happened there – She got held up at the wrong time, never had a chance to build momentum, although I’d guess that Bound To Win would’ve won that race even with clear running.

Sikorsky in Race 7 at Caulfield – 2nd

“A Hayes horse ridden by Oliver at CaulfieldWhat could go wrong.”

Apparently the answer to that statement by yours truly is….




Fortunately Dawn Passage ran in the Fred Best about 5 minutes later, and we were back to Even Steven.

Picture Perfect in Race 9 at Belmont – WINNER


In my mind, there were 2 things that led to Picture Perfect winning.

  1. Pike keeping Divine Shadow in a pocket on the turn when it was on the inside of Picture Perfect, which bought the Wizard enough time to dart to the outside and build momentum as Banovic-Edwards had to wait for a run.
  2. After Divine Shadow got out and started flying home, he half ducked in, and it’s purely hypothetical, but it probably cost him the win.

Good job Mr Wizard, now that he’s got the century up for 2019/20, the disciples have been left satisfied once more.

Crazy Craig’s Tip Of The Day

LAYING Ruban Bleu in Race 3 at Caulfield – NOPE

Given some of the crap that they were pulling off up in Brisbane today…

Craig, why didn’t you just stay there?

Oriental Runner, Gotta Kiss – Two favourites who put in average efforts that fit your usual lay of the day profile, and instead you targeted a high-priced Hayes horse who got a gun ride.

I think Crazy Colin has riddled your brain with lies.

Deadset – Craig, if you were a muppet, you’d be Gonzo, because nobody understands what the hell you’re supposed to be.

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  1. Interestingly, I was listening to the wireless in the car the other night and just before I got out I heard the guy say a good value bet would be perfect jewel and thought, I should back that as an outside chance. Then forgot and went and had dinner. Dā€™oh!


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