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The Chalk Eaters Guide Review: 26th September

What a lovely touch by the ATC to paint the jockey statuettes on the Rosehill finishing post in the Ingham Cerise silks.

Obviously those jockeys bear the silks of the Golden Slipper & Tancred Stakes winners, and coincidentally, it’s just as it was in 1997, when Octagonal won the Tancred, and Guineas won the Golden Slipper.

Anyway, I think I managed to avoid most of the carnage, mainly thanks to getting a number of place bets home, plus Love Tap giving the 3YOs a bath in the Gloaming.

Love Tap, is a little old horse who, we can bet together, LOVE TAP BABYYYYYYYY.

My only letdown was Masked Crusader….

What a crab.

She’s Ideel in Race 3 at Rosehill – 6th

From Sky Racing

Well, I guess you could say that performance was far from…


Never really looked like threatening the Top 4, on account of getting too far back in the run, largely caused by getting crowded between Thought Of That and a shifting Costello at the jump, which is the only note about the mare in the Stewards’ Report.

Yesterday, I did make mention of her once perfect 3rd Up record – Well, it turned out a horse did win the 3rd race 3rd Up.

It just happened to be Entente.

Rothfire in the Golden Rose at Rosehill – 4th

From Sky Racing

Since 2018, massive letdowns for Queenslanders in Western Sydney occur at the Olympic Stadium during State of Origin.

Today it happened at Rosehill.

Wasn’t it funny that Rothfire, in jumping as the shortest-priced favourite in the inglorious history of the Golden Rose, ended up ironically suffering the same fate that befell Farnan in the Run To The Rose.

He raced too keenly sitting one-off the fence, and the jockey allowed him to stride forward, which really told in the end, as the Banana Bender hit the brick wall at the 200m, causing a nationwide TAB confetti shower.

That said, it appears Rothfire’s problems were exacerbated by Jimmy Byrne noticing the horse was lame in the off-foreleg, as noted in a paragraph from the Stewards’ report, as supplied by Andrew ‘The Hoss’ Bensley.

So with Rothfire hitting the wall, it was a Hawkes quinella between Ole Kirk and my former favourite juvenile North Pacific, which was Hawkes’ first win in the race since Paratrooper in 2005, back when he was still the No.1 trainer for the Inghams.

There was plenty made about Bob Ingham’s passing, and it was probably only fitting that it would be taken out by none other than John Hawkes and sons, given it was John who trained the bulk of the Ingham’s champion horses.

Technically Russian Camelot in the Underwood – He was $1.50, does this really count?





It’s only a model.

Vital Silver in ‘The Bart’ at Belmont – 5th

From Perth Racing

Have a look at that replay and keep your eyes on the grey.

I don’t think Vital Silver actually settled down once in the run of that race.

Never ever had a chance… Especially with the way Stageman and Cup Night hit the line.

This is all the more funnier because I had a giant joke written up about backing Don’s Legacy in the last, focused on the fact the horse was probably named in honour of The Don of No Hope Avenue, on account of him being a 2-time Jack Attack champion at the Manning Eagles.

I took The Don out because I thought it’d predictably end in me getting my arse handed to me trying to branch out from my usual shitkicker act of backing anything that stood on the first three lines of betting.

The Don drifted out to 7-1 and won the race.

Crazy Craig’s Lucky Lips Tip Of The Day

Buffalo River in Race 5 at Caulfield – 2nd


I tell you what Craig, you’ve got to stop taking on Pikey.

First it was Showmanship pulling your pants down, now Windstorm’s whipped you back to Bairnsdale.

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