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Crazy Craig’s Tip of the Day: 20th February

Well friends, despite my best efforts to make sure this website wasn’t a factual sporting news source over the last 2 years, JT’s Sporting Reviews was still blacked out in the great Facebook news ban.

I can’t tell if it’s an insult or a compliment that I was deemed a news source…

So with that gripe out of the way, many weeks ago I mentioned that my estranged ‘colleague’ Crazy Craig had sent a relayed message to our mutual contact Mr Alfonse about having something planned for Blue Diamond Stakes day, along with some story about Let’s Get Physical, the winner of the 1985 edition of the Blue Diamond Stakes.

From what we gathered, the Boy From Bairnsdale views Let’s Get Physical as being the polar opposite of Clan O’Sullivan, who he deemed had a “Heart as big as a pea” in the 1992 Golden Slipper when Burst ran him down with 75m to go.

So on that note, ahead of one of the biggest days of the Autumn carnival, with the Blue Diamond, the Silver Slipper, The Hobartville Stakes, the Futurity Stakes and the Oakleigh Plate, here’s Crazy Craig with his LUCKY LIPS pick of the day for Blue Diamond Day!

“Don’t need a four-leave clover, rabbit’s foot or good luck charm, With lucky lips you’ll always have a baby in your arm.”

As sent by Crazy Craig at 1:30pm AEDT on Friday… before he decided to disconnect his internet.

Celebrity Queen (No.7, Barrier 3) E/W in the Oakleigh Plate at Caulfield, 4:55pm AEDT

1100m Group 1 Handicap

Trainers: Grant & Alana Williams, Jockey: William Pike, 53.5kg

Look, it’s a celebrity Queen

Hello hello friends, it’s Crazy Craig, the Boy From Bairnsdale, and unlike my two recent attempts at licking my lucky lips, I’m not CRANKY with the wanker pollies this week, and let me tell you, this Saturday could be a big one, don’t you worry about that!

Kicking off with the race of the day, I’ve suddenly become hesitant to have a gander at the Blue Diamond Stakes, not just because they’re all 2-year-olds with more unpredictable behaviour patterns than yours truly, but in the last few days, I’ve found out that the favourite Enthaar has something else in common with yours truly….


I don’t care if he’s set to run, you can COUNT ME OUT of that one, so instead, I’ll skip sideways and go for the HIGHLY COMPETITIVE Oakleigh Plate, where I’ve got my eagle eyes on a Queen from the West!

No, it’s not Queen Lizzy, Priscilla Queen Of The Desert, Queen Latifah, or the band Queen (Although it’s mighty close), it’s CELEBRITY QUEEN!

Yessss, of the 18 live chances in the Oakleigh, I’ve gone for the nag who made the big float ride across the Nullar-bore off the back of a promising trial, she was a moral licked in the Winterbottom Stakes, and at this point you folks are probably saying:

“But Crazy Craig, why would you bother picking a WA horse 1st Up against the in-form Eastern Staters – She hasn’t got a chance!”


She’s got a 3/3 record 1st Up, she’s got a 2/2 record over the 1100m, THE WIZARD William Pike is on board, she’s got the good barrier to hitch a trail into the race after settling back, and if there’s a likely hot speed, I’ll expect to see The Wizard waving his wand and having the last shot at the leaders, and for my sake, I hope she can at least crack it for a place!

And before you question why I didn’t pick the other horses, here’s my simple thoughts: Ancestry = DESCENDS FROM NOTHING, Anders = WASN’T AS GOOD AS JOHN FITZGERALD, Dirty Work = FRAUD, Zoutori = WHO?, Brooklyn Hustle = ISN’T EVEN FROM BROOKLYN, Hanseatic = CAMEL, and Garner, well Garner hasn’t achieved anything since he was with the West Indies!

So there you go folks, CELEBRITY QUEEN – MY PICK OF THE DAY.

I’m Crazy Craig, and that’s why they call me Craaaaaaaazy Craig!

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