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Crazy Craig’s Tip of the Day Review: 6th March

Oh for god’s sake, look what The Cartoon Pick was in The Form:

In case you haven’t kept track, that was Lion’s Roar…. who won the Randwick Guineas…. at $26.

Fair dinkum, I need to visit Sydney more than once every two years.

So as you can potentially guess by my passive aggressive tone of writing, today was a case of same old crap, different week – The roughies came flying in from all angles, and my cash went flying out to various undesirable agencies.

Why the hell did they bother calling it Super Saturday… It was more like Shithouse Saturday from my end!

When you think back to last week’s long odds smash-up, I’m struggling to remember a fortnight of feature racing this brutal on the punters…. It got so bad that if Mizzy (Who was $71) had got her nose ahead of Savatiano in the Canterbury Stakes, I probably would’ve walked out of the den I witnessed the race in (And it’s a beauty too), strolled into the bathroom, and chundered out of horror.

Then again, I am only 24, and I can say definitively that today was a mile better than last Saturday, simply because I had 2 bets get up instead of one…. and one of them was a bonus bet for a place on Rocha Clock.

I’m just an average punter out of form… which is still better than Crazy Craig.

Fifty Stars in the Australian Cup at Flemington – 10th (Beaten 2.3L)

From the 7HorseRacing Twitter

History will show Jye McNeil got Homesman over the line by a flared nostril, but if you ask many likeminded individuals who use Ouija boards, Michael Gudinski’s spirit inspired Homesman over Best Of Days.

Talk about another omen bet that I didn’t pay attention to.

On that note about Michael Gudinski, I think John Allen must’ve seen his ghost at the jump… It’s the only way to explain how Fifty Stars wound up 4 pairs back on the fence, pretty much guaranteed to never see daylight in the run – In fact, I don’t recall Matthew Hill even noticing Fifty Stars once in the run, and to be honest, that’s fair enough, because he was as good as a ghost, even if he only got beaten by just under 3 lengths.

Just a total non-event for Crazy Craig and favourite backers (Yes, I was one of them), and back on Jye McNeil, he completed the very rare Flemington Cups double – The Melbourne Cup (Twilight Payment) and the Australian Cup in the same season.

To show you how rare that is, it’s only been achieved twice in the 21st Century – Damien Oliver when Fiorente won both races in 2013/14, and Glen Boss on Makybe Diva in 2004/05.

A very good effort, and one Mr Gudinski would admire.

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