Horse Racing

Random Musical Picks of the Day Review: 22nd January

Yes, this happened

I wished I’d waited a little bit longer to post the report last night, because barely an hour after I actually did the deed, the news dropped that Meat Loaf had died, which meant I couldn’t change the theme music for the week.

As we all know, The Loaf said he’d do anything for love, but when it came to getting a vaccine and potentially prolonging his life, he said he won’t do that, and the consequence is that he’s broken out of his body and he’s flying away, like a bat out of hell, towards the paradise by the dashboard light.

His name was Robert Paulson.

His name was Robert Paulson.

So on to the day’s racing, and it was a fairly forgettable day on my end, with Ascot a no-go due to the fifth consecutive day above 40 degrees in Perth, and throughout the day I took And We Danced at Randwick, who got bloused in one of the most brutal ways imaginable, followed by backing Winsum in Race 5 at Moonee Valley, who featured for all of 20 metres and pulled up lame in both forelegs after being smashed in betting, but I salvaged my backside with a random bet on Bring The Ransom in the last at Randwick, which worked out quite well when he stormed over the top to win…

My only downfall was that it was a $20 place bet at $2.50, but it’s still a winning bet, so that means that in conjunction with In The Navy saluting for the Random Music Picks I can fire up the LUCKY LIPS:

In fact, the big shame about And We Danced running 2nd is that I could’ve used the perfect Meat Loaf song to describe this week’s performance…. TWO OUTTA THREE AIN’T BAD:

One Outta Three Ain’t Bad…. hang on, that was a Spicks & Specks segment!

Random Village People Pick: In The Navy in Race 1 at Gawler: WINNER ($1.60)

Absolutely no worries at all for In The Navy, who ironically won before Gawler turned into an ocean in the midst of a heavy downpour in South Australia, and I think it’s time to sing the traditional sea shanty of the US Navy in celebration of this victory:

Riveting scenes this week, the only winner for the Random Picks was a $1.60 blueblood that led all the way.

Random The Hooters Pick: And We Danced in Race 4 at Randwick = 2nd ($1.45p)

I have a mere 5 words to describe that result….

Are you ****in’ kidding me?

Actually, you know what else I noticed?

There was another Musical Pick in that race – FLEETWOOD MACA!

And she ran a good 3rd!

The somewhere between ABBA and the Sound of Music Pick: Mariamia in Race 9 at Moonee Valley = A vomit inducing 8th

Absolutely jog-trotting all the way because he couldn’t get a run at Death Valley:

Excuse me for a moment:

And just to rub salt into the proverbial wound for the Stockdales:

“Thomas Stockdale (Mariamia) pleaded guilty to a charge of careless riding under the provisions of AR131(a), the careless riding being that near the 150 metres, he rode his mount out to obtain clear running to the outside of What A Smasher (NZ) and when doing so took Demando out towards the heels of Galgani, resulting in Demando having to be steadied to avoid the heels of Galgani. Thomas Stockdale’s permit to ride in races was suspended for a period to commence midnight 26 January 2022 and to expire at the conclusion of the day meeting on 4 February 2022, a total of 10 race meetings (2 metropolitan, 8 provincial). In assessing penalty, Stewards took into account his guilty plea, good record and that the carelessness was in the mid‑range.”

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