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Crazy Craig’s Picks of the Day Review: 29th January

The best bet anywhere in Australia rounds off the Sunshine Coast card with a mighty victory

So that’s another unforgettable Saturday done and dusted to end the month of January, and straight off the top, having barely watched any of the bloody races today as I revelled at a Barty Party, I want to declare that the Rosehill track was nothing short of a biased shitshow, with leader after leader sitting on the inside rail and laughing all the way to victory or a quinella spot (See: Overpass defeating Anamoe in the Expressway) – It was as if they’d watered every part of the track EXCEPT the rail.

If you ask me, in terms of performance on this Saturday, Rosehill was the polar opposite of one Ashleigh Barty of Ipswich, Queensland, but then again, one man’s greyhound track is another one’s fill-up.

Of course, while Ash wrapped up the Australian Open title with an epic 2nd Set comeback to end the 44 year drought for Australians in the singles of the Australian Open, Crazy Craig also finished the day with a bit of money in his pocket, and he couldn’t have been more right when he said Mass Destruction was the Pick of the Day for Australia on Saturday, which means that once again, WE CAN SOUND THE LUCKY LIPS TUNE OF VICTORY:

Ah, a solid $2 winner…. I should mention it was $2.70 last night, which, as they say, was MONEY FOR JAM.

Value Pick: Deel With Me in Race 4 at Rosehill = 3rd (NO Third Dividend)

Bloody typical – Deel With Me runs home well to finish 3rd, and there’s NO FRIKKIN’ THIRD DIVIDEND BECAUSE TWO HORSES GOT SCRATCHED OVERNIGHT.

Sums up what a crap day it was for everyone at Rosehill.

Random AC/DC Pick: Dundirtcheap in Race 4 at Moonee Valley = Stone Motherless

The only thing Dundirtcheap has in common with Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap is the mentioning of concrete shoes, because he deadset raced with a set of them.

Pick of the Day: Mass Destruction in Race 9 at the Sunshine Coast = WINNER ($2)

Ah, isn’t it just great to see the Pick of the Day anywhere in Australia salute in style, especially after they don’t get everything their own way in the run.

That was exactly the case for Mass Destruction, who got back in running and copped a bump from Lasting Kiss (It could’ve been just that instead of a bump) while he was in hot pursuit of Explosive Quality, but the favourite was still travelling nicely and proved way too good for the breakaway leader.

Hehehehe, Mass Destruction, Explosive Quality…. next thing you know there’ll be a horse called Nuclear Fallout.

Although, despite his POTD winning comfortably, I will say Crazy Craig was half-wrong about one thing:

“If the rain stays away and the track gets upgraded to a Soft 5 or 6, then I think Mass Destruction might even start in the red!”

The track did get upgraded to a Soft 6, but Mass Destruction jumped at exactly 2/1.

Bloody hell Craig, can’t you get anything right?

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