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Crazy Craig’s Picks of the Day: 4th June

Based on a series of plausible events in a regional Victorian town

Well strangers and people who want to throw bricks at me, the Winter of the Wizard is upon us, named as such because apparently William Pike is finally going to ride a Group 1 winner during the Queensland Carnival, and it might just be this weekend with Gypsy Goddess from Barrier 22 in the Queensland Oaks on Saturday, although what are the chances are he’ll put the Gypsy in a race-winning position…

And out of nowhere, one of Chris Waller’s roughies that he gave Buckleys in a TV interview storms down the outside and wins.

It’s Queensland, you know something like that will happen.

So aside from the Oaks, the other not-so important races on the day include the Winter Cup at Rosehill, which will have absolutely no bearing on any race for the rest of the year, and the Raconteur Stakes at Belmont, which I wasn’t even aware of until 2 minutes before I wrote this sentence.

So now it’s time for Crazy Craig to put you out of your collective misery, and I will remind you once again that the Macedon Madman did tip the Derby winner Pinarello last week, simply because it sounded like Donovan’s ‘Mellow Yellow’.

Why did he think of that?

Because he’s CRAZY, and on top of it, he’s got Lucky Lips:

Pick of the Day: Shooting For Gold (No.5, Barrier 8) in Race 8 at Eagle Farm (BR8), 3:13pm AEST

1200m Group 2 Ascot Green Moreton Cup

Trainers: Steven O’Dea and Matthew Hoysted, Jockey: Kerrin McEvoy, 55kg

Hello hello everyone, it’s Craaaaazy Craig TBFB, back after a busy week of donating scratchies after Pinarello’s BIIIIIIG win in the Derby, and to the people who doubt whether I’m really that crazy, well, would a crazy bloke wander into his neighbour’s garden and steal his tomatoes, then walk to his fridge and steal a sixpack of Carlton Draught and claim he’s just borrowing it?


So this week, just like thousands of retiring Victorians, I’m moving up to Queensland, just for the weekend of course, because the Oaks is on at Eagle Farm, but stuff the Oaks, I’m focusing on the race BEFORE the Oaks, and I think there’s a horse that could be named after the great 2-time trap shooting Olympic Gold Medalist Michael Diamond….


He could also be named after Russell Mark considering he won Gold in Double trap at Atlanta, but nobody regards Atlanta as a memorable Olympics aside from Kieren Perkins, so we’ll say it’s a tribute to Michael Diamond, and I reckon Shooting For Gold is going to absolutely love the clear conditions at Eagle Farm, because it was clear to see at his last start on the Gold Coast last month that he just isn’t a proven swimmer, with his first go on the Heavy finishing with a 4th placing and beaten some 7 lengths by Soxagon, and the numbers speak for themselves…

Good Tracks: 12 Starts, 6 wins, 3 Seconds, 1 Third

Soft Tracks & Heavy Tracks: 3 starts, 1 win, and STUFF ALL outside of that!

So after that run O’Dea and Hoysted decided to freshen him up, and it’s a good move, because his 1200m is pretty sound with 3 wins from 4 starts, his record at Eagle Farm is pretty good, with 3 wins and a Second from 5 starts, Track/Distance he’s 1/1, and when you have a look at who he’s up against, I think he’s more than capable of running no worse than Top 3:

-Kementari races like his stud career…. shooting blanks all the time

-Baller is an ironic name, considering he’s a gelding

-Niccanova sounds like Nicotine, so he’ll get plenty of support from Big Tobacco

-And Wandabaa sounds like something Willy Wonka would make for kids!

We could classify them all as Clan O’Sullivans – HEARTS AS BIG AS PEAS, THE LOT OF THEM.

So there you go, Shooting For Gold, hopefully he doesn’t end up Shooting For Silver or Bronze, because he’s my PICK OF THE DAY.

Random Sir Tom Jones Pick: Welsh Legend (No.5, Barrier 3) E/W in Race 6 at Flemington (MR6), 2:45pm AEST

2000m BM84 Banjo Patterson Series Plate

Trainer: Chris Waller, Jockey: Craig ‘Froggy’ Newitt, 57.5kg

Oh knackers, I’m getting ready to throw my undies already!

And by the way, guess who’s having a birthday on Tuesday?



Enjoy your Saturday folks, stay safe, stay negative, KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE ROAD, and remember, I’m Crazy Craig, and that’s why they call me Craaaaaazy Craig!

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