March 2019 Posts


March 1st

The Adelaide 500 – Pony Up!

The Callander Super Saturday S Backing Guide: 2nd March, 2019

March 2nd

The ‘S’ Backing Guide Review: 2nd March

March 3rd

The Sporting Review: 1st-3rd March

March 4th

NRL intensifies Shark Cull

March 5th

Tuesday Tithbits: 5th March

March 6th

Happy 20th Birthday, Stadium Australia!

Cricket: The Sheffield Shield Round 8 and Australia vs India

March 7th

Manning Jack Attack Review: Team Hope vs The Water Crew

March 8th

An Unhelpful Preview of the NBL Grand Final Series

The Callander ‘S’ Backing Guide: 9th March

March 9th

‘S’ Backing Guide Review: 9th March

March 10th

Central Coast sacks Mike Mulvey after 8-2 defeat

JT’s Sporting Review: March 8th-10th

March 11th

Even More Sporting Reviews

March 12th

Tuesday Tithbits: March 12th

March 13th

JT’s Unhelpful Previews: The NRL, Round 1

March 14th

Manning Jack Attack: Team Hope vs The Young Guns

JT’s Australian Grand Prix Moments

March 15th

JT’s Weekend Backing Guide: March 16th

March 16th

Cricket: The Sheffield Shield, Round 9

JT’s Backing Guide Review: March 16th

March 17th

JT’s Sporting Review: 15th-17th March

March 18th

The Duncraig Dan Report: Australian Grand Prix

March 19th

Tuesday Tithbits: 19th March (50th post)

March 20th

JT’s Useless Previews: The AFL, Round 1

March 21st

JT’s Useless Previews: The NRL, Round 2

March 22nd

The Gabster Backing Guide: March 23rd

March 23rd

The Weekend Backing Guide Review: March 23rd

March 24th

Sheffield Shield: Round 10

AFL Review: Round 1

March 25th

JT’s Sporting Review: March 22nd-24th

Austrian Australian Tennis Report: Miami Open

March 26th

Tuesday Tithbits: March 26th

March 27th

JT’s Useless Previews: The AFL, Round 2

March 28th

JT’s Useless Previews: The NRL, Round 3

March 29th

The ‘Callander’ Weekend Backing Guide: March 30th

March 30th

Weekend Backing Guide Review: March 30th

March 31st

The AFL Review: Round 2, 2019