November 2022 Posts

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November 1st

Crazy Picks of the Day Review: 2022 Melbourne Cup Edition

November 2nd

A late night VRC Oaks tip, courtesy of Crazy Craig

November 3rd

A mildly successful trip to Kalamunda

November 4th

Crazy Picks of the Day: 5th November

November 5th

Crazy Picks of the Day Review: 5th November

November 6th

82,507 fans at the MCG to watch Zimbabwe play cricket

November 7th

The Wizard of the West returns to WA Racing

November 8th

On this Day in 1889, Montana became a US State

November 9th

Homer Simpson’s piece of advice of the day

November 10th

Manning Jack Attack Review: 9th November

November 11th

Crazy Colin’s Picks of the Day: 12th November

November 12th

Crazy Colin’s performance summed up in the form of a GIF

November 13th

Made my first Club Championship final at Manning today

November 14th

On this day 10 years ago, Zlatan Ibrahimovic scored a 35-yard bicycle kick against England

November 15th

Congratulations to Planet Earth on hitting the 8-billion population milestone

November 16th

17 years since John Aloisi ended Australia’s World Cup drought

November 17th

Manning Jack Attack Review: 16th November

November 18th

Crazy Colin’s Random Picks of the Day Review: 19th November

November 19th

Come in here to celebrate Crazy Colin landing 3rd place with an omen bet

November 20th

Settling in for the night to watch a huge international sporting event in the Middle East

November 21st

Qatar end the World Cup Hosts’ Opening Game coincidence

November 22nd

An image to describe Argentina’s World Cup hopes after the Saudi Arabia game

November 23rd

Manning Pennant Adventures: 17th-19th November

November 24th

Manning Jack Attack Review: 23rd November

November 25th

JT’s Omen Bets of the Day: 26th November

November 26th

Mitch Duke, the greatest Australian hero since Steven Bradbury

November 27th

Farewell Irene Cara, gone too soon

November 28th

Even on AFL Draft night, Essendon keep catching strays

November 29th

Personal satisfying moment of the week

November 30th

A lovely day out at the cricket