December 2022 Posts

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December 1st

Manning Jack Attack Review: 30th November

December 2nd

JT’s No Good Picks of the Day: 3rd December

December 3rd

Turns out one of my No Good Picks turned out to be a tad good

December 4th

Proof that Broc Feeney is the second coming of Jamie Whincup

December 5th

I think I found a limited-edition bottle of Bacardi

December 6th

Update on the limited-edition bottle of Bacardi

December 7th

Today marks the 50th anniversary of Apollo 17

December 8th

Manning Jack Attack Review: 7th December

December 9th

Crazy Craig’s Picks of the Day: 10th December

December 10th

Knock knock

December 11th

When you think about it, the World Cup Semi-Final is just a rematch of the Battle of Tours

December 12th

The December joke of the month: The A-League

December 13th

Hang on, what time of year is it and what city am I in?

December 14th

December 2022 Fatty Vautin One-Handed Catch Award Winner: Brody Couch

December 15th

Manning Jack Attack Review: 14th December

December 16th

The Sydney Thunder haven’t just smashed a world record, they’ve absolutely shat it in

December 17th

Only Australian football could make the Round of 16 at a World Cup and eviscerate itself before they’d even played the Final

December 18th

Well, aren’t we all

December 19th

One last FIFA World Cup coincidence for 2022

December 20th

Congratulations to the Sydney Thunder on scoring 10 times as many runs as they did in their last game against the Adelaide Strikers

December 21st

It’s the 21st of December and it’s time for Paul Kelly’s yearly reminder on How To Make Gravy

December 22nd

JT and the wild journey through the Manning Mixed Pairs

December 23rd

JT’s 2022 Festivus Airing of Grievances

Crazy Craig’s Picks of the Day: 24th December

December 24th

A belated review for Crazy Craig’s Picks of the Day

December 25th

Here’s a lovely Perth Christmas sunset to end the night

December 26th

Boy oh boy wowee, what a lovely Christmas present

December 27th

Pictured: Jesus getting treatment after 3 days on the cross

December 28th

All hail to some random Karachi hotel pool that cured Alex Carey’s lack of batting ability

December 29th

Today is the 28th anniversary of Shane Warne’s Test hat-trick against England

December 30th

Crazy Craig’s Picks of the Day: 31st December

December 31st

The 2022 ‘It’ Happens Award