October 2022 Posts

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October 1st

Crazy Craig’s Picks of the Day Review: 1st October

October 2nd

Dylan Edwards’ covering tackle in the NRL Grand Final is deadset beautiful

October 3rd

The Adelaide 36ers defeat the Phoenix Suns

October 4th

The epic ending to the Manning winter social bowls season

October 5th

Bathurst blast from the past: 1992, triumph, tragedy and a pack of arseholes

October 6th

Kyle Mayers and the shot heard ’round the world

October 7th

Crazy Craig’s Picks of the Day: 8th October

October 8th

Crazy Craig’s Picks of the Day Review: 8th October

October 9th

It took until today to understand the 2022 changes to the F1 points system

October 10th


October 11th

October 13, 2022, the first time I was selected for the top side at Manning

October 12th

RIP to another legend born on October 16, the one and only Angela Lansbury

October 13th

Manning Spring Challenge Review: 12th October

October 14th

Crazy Craig’s Picks of the Day: 15th October

October 15th

Crazy Craig’s Picks of the Day Review: 15th October

October 16th

As we expected, the Sri Lanka vs Namibia match to open the T20 World Cup ended in a hammering

October 17th

What a brilliant sporting photo

October 18th

The BOM have ensured the BOM will never be referred to as anything other than the BOM

October 19th

If my life could be summed up in the form of a basketball shot, it would be this

October 20th

Manning Spring Challenge Review: 19th October

October 21st

Crazy Craig’s Picks of the Day: 22nd October

October 22nd


October 23rd

Something that aged even worse than expired milk

October 24th

Tim Cook looking thrilled to wave the chequered flag at the US Grand Prix

October 25th

On this day in 1982, David Hookes hit a 35-ball century in the Sheffield Shield

October 26th

Here’s your Wednesday picture of an Oil Rig

October 27th

Manning Spring Challenge Review: 26th October

October 28th

Crazy Craig’s Picks of the Day Review: Derby Day 2022

October 29th

Here’s something to distract you from how awfully Crazy Craig performed today

October 30th

Mass pile-up on Surfers Paradise street causes traffic delays on Sunday afternoon

October 31st

Crazy Picks of the Day: 2022 Melbourne Cup Edition