December 2021 Posts

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December 1st

Bathurst blast from the past: 1991, Godzilla reaches its zenith

December 2nd

Manning Jack Attack Review: 1st December

December 3rd

Random Picks of the Day: 4th December

December 4th

Random Picks of the Day Review: 4th December

December 5th

My random fact from the Bathurst 1000

December 6th

Valtteri Bottas crushing the hopes of drivers at the chequered flag – A sequel

December 7th

Tuesday Tithbits: 7th December

December 8th

Enjoy 3 different angles of Mitchell Starc’s opening ball of the Ashes to Rory Burns, ad nauseam

December 9th

Manning Jack Attack Review: 8th December

December 10th

Crazy Craig’s Picks of the Day: 11th December

December 11th

Crazy Craig’s Picks of the Day Review: 11th December

December 12th

Farewell Kimi Raikkonen, master of the one-liner

December 13th

Congratulations to the new World Champion on his superb win from pole position in Abu Dhabi on Sunday

December 14th

Tuesday Tithbits: 14th December

December 15th

A glimpse of the Manning Jack Attack awards for tonight

December 16th

Manning Jack Attack Review: 15th December

December 17th

Crazy Craig’s Pick of the Day: 18th December

December 18th

Crazy Craig’s Pick of the Day Review: 18th December

December 19th

England’s Ashes series summed up in a picture

December 20th

Taking a look at the 2021 United Nations of JT’s Sporting Reviews

December 21st

Tuesday Tithbits: 21st December

December 22nd

Here’s a forgotten piece of David ‘Bumble’ Lloyd commentary to mark his retirement

December 23rd

JT’s 2021 Festivus Airing of Grievances

December 24th

Crazy Craig’s Picks of the Day: 26th December

December 25th

Merry Christmas from the surface of the Sun… I mean Perth

December 26th

Crazy Craig’s Picks of the Day Review: 26th December

December 27th

The only hat-trick you’ll see in Australia today

December 28th

Tuesday Tithbits: 28th December

December 29th

JT’s ‘It Happens’ Awards for 2021

December 30th

Happy birthday to England captain Joe Root

December 31st

Crazy Craig’s Picks of the Day: 1st January